Suspended Companies

A suspension can occur at a company’s request or instated by the ASX.

The most common reasons are when a company is unable or unwilling to comply with a listing rule, a compulsory acquisition, failure to lodge documents, or pay annual listing fees.

The ASX may reinstate the company at any time after the removal reason is rectified.

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List of Companies

Code Company Last Trade Time Price Sector Mkt Cap Status
CSR CSR Ltd 4:12pm 19/06/24 $8.97 Basic Materials $4.3B Suspended
OZZ OZZ Resources Ltd 3:12pm 18/06/24 $0.055 Basic Materials $5.09M Suspended
ABC Adbri Ltd 4:10pm 17/06/24 $3.19 Basic Materials $2.09B Suspended
MEA Mcgrath Ltd 1:29pm 17/06/24 $0.595 Real Estate $94.71M Suspended
BEZ Besra Gold Inc 4:10pm 14/06/24 $0.099 Basic Materials $41.39M Suspended
NRZ Neurizer Ltd 2:00pm 14/06/24 $0.013 Basic Materials $24.73M Suspended
TMG Trigg Minerals Ltd 3:47pm 12/06/24 $0.008 Basic Materials $3.45M Suspended
BKG Booktopia Group Ltd 3:38pm 12/06/24 $0.045 Consumer Cyclical $10.27M Suspended
SLR Silver Lake Resources Ltd 4:10pm 07/06/24 $1.57 Basic Materials $1.5B Suspended
BLD Boral Ltd 4:10pm 06/06/24 $5.83 Basic Materials $6.32B Suspended
ZEU ZEUS Resources Ltd 4:10pm 24/05/24 $0.009 Energy $4.13M Suspended
NTM NT Minerals Ltd 4:10pm 21/05/24 $0.006 Basic Materials $6.1M Suspended
OXT Orexplore Technologies Ltd 11:27am 09/05/24 $0.017 Industrials $3.32M Suspended
OPN Openn Negotiation Ltd 4:10pm 30/04/24 $0.006 Industrials $6.78M Suspended
NNG Nexion Group Ltd 3:47pm 22/04/24 $0.020 Technology $4.05M Suspended
SCT Scout Security Ltd 3:23pm 16/04/24 $0.007 Consumer Cyclical $1.84M Suspended
ESK Etherstack Plc 3:51pm 28/03/24 $0.245 Technology $32.27M Suspended
NGL Nightingale Intelligent Systems Inc 3:33pm 28/03/24 $0.043 Industrials $4.62M Suspended
TTA TTA Holdings Ltd 12:23pm 28/03/24 $0.003 Consumer Cyclical $412.27K Suspended
ETR ENTYR Ltd 3:30pm 22/03/24 $0.007 Industrials $13.88M Suspended
KNM Kneomedia Ltd 1:22pm 04/03/24 $0.002 Communication Services $3.07M Suspended
AKP Audio Pixels Holdings Ltd 3:56pm 29/02/24 $6.20 Consumer Cyclical $181.1M Suspended
NUH Nuheara Ltd 4:10pm 27/02/24 $0.081 Technology $21.76M Suspended
NET Netlinkz Ltd 4:10pm 23/02/24 $0.003 Technology $11.64M Suspended
KBC Keybridge Capital Ltd 2:52pm 23/02/24 $0.065 Financial Services $13.48M Suspended
LHM Land & Homes Group Ltd 10:04am 21/02/24 $0.007 Real Estate $7.35M Suspended
AMT Allegra Medical Technologies Ltd 4:10pm 13/02/24 $0.029 Healthcare $3.47M Suspended
LLO Lion One Metals Ltd 3:39pm 13/02/24 $0.620 Basic Materials $9.67M Suspended
CI1 Credit Intelligence Ltd 10:48am 08/02/24 $0.110 Industrials $9.68M Suspended
DCL Domacom Ltd 4:10pm 05/02/24 $0.011 Financial Services $4.79M Suspended
RVS Revasum Inc 3:34pm 01/02/24 $0.115 Technology $14.73M Suspended
AHI Advanced Health Intelligence Ltd 12:54pm 01/02/24 $0.092 Healthcare $22.6M Suspended
PAM Pan Asia Metals Ltd 2:43pm 29/01/24 $0.160 Basic Materials $29.44M Suspended
DMM DMC Mining Ltd 10:58am 19/01/24 $0.058 Basic Materials $2.69M Suspended
G1A Galena Mining Ltd 4:10pm 08/01/24 $0.059 Basic Materials $44.4M Suspended
ICN Icon Energy Ltd 4:10pm 08/01/24 $0.006 Energy $4.61M Suspended
GTH Gathid Ltd 3:38pm 03/01/24 $0.018 Technology $4.74M Suspended
EPN Epsilon Healthcare Ltd 10:37am 18/12/23 $0.024 Healthcare $7.21M Suspended
NZS New Zealand Coastal Seafoods Ltd 2:24pm 15/12/23 $0.002 Consumer Defensive $3.33M Suspended
LVT Livetiles Ltd 2:51pm 07/12/23 $0.006 Technology $6.47M Suspended
MNS Magnis Energy Technologies Ltd 4:10pm 05/12/23 $0.042 Basic Materials $50.38M Suspended
BOD BOD Science Ltd 3:59pm 23/11/23 $0.024 Healthcare $4.26M Suspended
ROO Roots Sustainable Agricultural Technologies Ltd 4:10pm 21/11/23 $0.007 Industrials $1.12M Suspended
PAN Panoramic Resources Ltd 4:10pm 14/11/23 $0.035 Basic Materials $103.94M Suspended
AJQ Armour Energy Ltd 2:24pm 08/11/23 $0.100 Energy $10.31M Suspended
VMG VDM Group Ltd 1:08pm 30/10/23 $0.001 Industrials $6.93M Suspended
STA Strandline Resources Ltd 4:10pm 26/10/23 $0.095 Basic Materials $138.94M Suspended
OM1 Omnia Metals Group Ltd 3:45pm 25/10/23 $0.078 Basic Materials $4.55M Suspended
AJY Asaplus Resources Ltd 10:41am 25/10/23 $0.010 Basic Materials $1.36M Suspended
TI1 Tombador Iron Ltd 11:55am 09/10/23 $0.014 Basic Materials $30.22M Suspended
MRI My Rewards International Ltd 10:04am 02/10/23 $0.009 Industrials $4.58M Suspended
ELE Elmore Ltd 4:10pm 29/09/23 $0.005 Basic Materials $24.27M Suspended
RXH Rewardle Holdings Ltd 12:30pm 29/09/23 $0.029 Communication Services $15.34M Suspended
AO1 Assetowl Ltd 12:04pm 28/09/23 $0.001 Technology $1.95M Suspended
MBX My Foodie BOX Ltd 11:09am 27/09/23 $0.004 Consumer Defensive $556.65K Suspended
CSF Catalano Seafood Ltd 10:02am 27/09/23 $0.040 Consumer Defensive $1.35M Suspended
VIG Victor Group Holdings Ltd 10:15am 21/09/23 $0.030 Technology $17.17M Suspended
LLL Leo Lithium Ltd 4:32pm 14/09/23 $0.505 Basic Materials $498.55M Suspended
GGX GAS2GRID Ltd 3:21pm 01/09/23 $0.001 Energy $4.08M Suspended
AR1 Austral Resources Australia Ltd 3:26pm 31/08/23 $0.160 Basic Materials $84.35M Suspended
SRY Story-I Ltd 2:22pm 31/08/23 $0.004 Consumer Cyclical $1.51M Suspended
DLM Dominion Minerals Ltd 10:02am 28/08/23 $0.032 Basic Materials $7.23M Suspended
HPP Health and Plant Protein Group Ltd 12:53pm 25/08/23 $0.042 Consumer Defensive $4.77M Suspended
HLF Halo Food Co. Ltd 12:25pm 23/08/23 $0.007 Consumer Defensive $2.81M Suspended
ANL Amani Gold Ltd 11:52am 17/08/23 $0.001 Basic Materials $25.74M Suspended
PET Phoslock Environmental Technologies Ltd 4:10pm 09/08/23 $0.025 Industrials $15.61M Suspended
AYI A1 Investments & Resources Ltd 9:59am 25/07/23 $0.001 Financial Services $20.53M Suspended
WFL Wellfully Ltd 3:02pm 21/07/23 $0.003 Healthcare $1.48M Suspended
NML Navarre Minerals Ltd 4:10pm 08/06/23 $0.019 Basic Materials $28.56M Suspended
LAW Lawfinance Ltd 11:47am 20/04/23 $0.005 Financial Services $319.34K Suspended
PRL Province Resources Ltd 3:47pm 05/04/23 $0.041 Basic Materials $48.44M Suspended
DNK Danakali Ltd 4:10pm 03/04/23 $0.410 Basic Materials $151.02M Suspended
EQE EQUUS Mining Ltd 11:56am 15/03/23 $0.050 Basic Materials $12.65M Suspended
NCR Nucoal Resources Ltd 10:46am 13/03/23 $0.005 Basic Materials $3.84M Suspended
ATU Atrum Coal Ltd 4:10pm 09/03/23 $0.005 Basic Materials $13.22M Suspended
TMZ Thomson Resources Ltd 4:10pm 07/03/23 $0.005 Basic Materials $4.88M Suspended
X64 Ten Sixty Four Ltd 3:47pm 23/02/23 $0.570 Basic Materials $130.18M Suspended
KDY Kaddy Ltd 3:25pm 23/02/23 $0.027 Consumer Cyclical $3.83M Suspended
MDC Medlab Clinical Ltd 12:59pm 22/02/23 $6.60 Healthcare $15.07M Suspended
PO3 Purifloh Ltd 10:38am 14/02/23 $0.220 Utilities $7.08M Suspended
M8S M8 Sustainable Ltd 3:35pm 08/02/23 $0.009 Industrials $4.42M Suspended
VIP VIP Gloves Ltd 3:51pm 31/01/23 $0.003 Healthcare $2.36M Suspended
CFO Cfoam Ltd 11:33am 05/01/23 $0.002 Industrials $1.47M Suspended
RAN Range International Ltd 4:10pm 21/12/22 $0.006 Basic Materials $5.64M Suspended
TBA Tombola Gold Ltd 4:10pm 19/12/22 $0.026 Basic Materials $33.13M Suspended
CSE Copper Strike Ltd 4:10pm 12/12/22 $0.155 Basic Materials $20.81M Suspended
POW Protean Energy Ltd 10:06am 10/10/22 $0.008 Basic Materials $5.2M Suspended
AC8 Auscann Group Holdings Ltd 4:10pm 31/08/22 $0.040 Healthcare $17.62M Suspended
DMC Design Milk Co Ltd 10:23am 28/07/22 $0.300 Communication Services $10.89M Suspended
CIO Connected Io Ltd 3:38pm 26/07/22 $0.018 Technology $5.72M Suspended
FFX Firefinch Ltd 4:10pm 24/06/22 $0.200 Basic Materials $236.57M Suspended
MMR Mec Resources Ltd 12:25pm 10/01/20 $0.004 Energy $3.24M Suspended