Editorial Process

Market Index strives to provide the best possible finance information so readers can make better investment decisions.

That’s easy enough to say, but what does ‘best’ actually mean?

Well, we don’t aspire to simply be accurate, trustworthy, and accessible.

For us, those are givens.

When it comes to making better investment decisions, however, we know that you need more than just the latest headlines.

After all, if the key to wealth and happiness was simply ‘more information,’ then everyone would be multimillionaires with six-pack abs.

It’s not enough to just be accurate, trustworthy, and accessible. Our news takes all of that as a base standard – then aims to add insight, conciseness, relevance, and a data-driven approach.

We’re not the place to come for thousands of click-bait articles. We’re the place to come when you want thoughtful, concise, data-driven insights.

To achieve this, we use an established Editorial Process to make sure we’re fulfilling our promise and publishing news that meets (and hopefully exceeds) our standards.

We use a 5-pillared approach for providing you with the most useful financial news:


1. Accuracy

To make accurate investment decisions, you need accurate data.

That’s why we are committed to only using reputable information sources for our articles.

Our share price data come from the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), while fundamental stock information comes from Morningstar.

All other data sources must come from websites vetted by our in-house Editor.

To further improve our accuracy, all articles are reviewed by our in-house Editor for accuracy and style.


2. Readability and Accessibility

The finance world can be full of jargon, buzzwords, and confusing acronyms.

That’s not what we’re about.

At Market Index, we strive to keep our stories simple and concise. When acronyms or key terms are needed, we provide clear, useful definitions.

We’ve also developed beginner-friendly guides to help new investors better understand the share market. For example, our How to Buy Shares in Australia and Dividend Yield Basics posts were created to allow investors of all experience levels to better understand financial information.

Lastly, we care deeply about the design and aesthetics of our website. We’re always working to make our site as clean and readable as possible, with clear layouts and no clutter.


3. Deeper insights

We’re not interested in repeating headlines or echoing company talking points.

Instead, we dive deeper. We look to broker reports, sector trends, and technical analysis to go beneath the surface and provide you with the highest quality coverage possible.

We link to reputable external sites when they enhance our readers’ understanding of a topic. We don’t want to capture your attention, we want to provide you with the information you need, regardless of where it is.

Beyond our news articles, we’ve also published several whitepapers. These in-depth documents provide unique, industry-leading insight into specific investment topics, allowing investors to enhance their understanding of the market. Our most popular is the ASX Top 5 Whitepaper


4. High journalistic standards

As an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) holder, it’s our responsibility to ensure high journalistic standards. Our news content is unbiased, timely, and relevant to Australian investors.

We carefully select our writers and are committed to providing them with regular professional development. We teach them best practices for research, sourcing, and writing, and all content is reviewed by our in-house editor to meet our standards of clarity, accuracy, and usefulness.


5. Transparency

Whenever we write about a stock that we have an interest in, we’re always clear to disclose our investments. You can view this disclosure statement at the bottom of an article.

Likewise, when we partner with brands and companies, we clearly disclose this. Sponsored articles have a clear ‘sponsored’ tag at the top of the article, right underneath the headline.

We don’t let people write stuff for us – it’s all our own words, and we always retain final editorial approval.

For further information on this topic, click here to view our full financial services guide. This guide will allow you to make an informed decision before deciding whether to use our products and services.


Lastly, we strive for continual improvement

We think the point of financial news is to help you make better investment decisions.

We’re not here to bombard you with irrelevant information for the sake of information. We’re not here to distract you with frivolous matters.

We’re here to give you concise, data-driven market news.

Hopefully, our Editorial Process helps us do exactly that.

But we aspire towards continual improvement. So if you think we could do better, please let us know by sending us a message.