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Market Index makes life easier for ASX investors.

A simple and transparent way to follow the Australian share market and track your favourite companies.

Who we are

The stock market, simplified

The Market Index team are constantly striving to bring simplicity, transparency, and pleasure to stock market investing. Every feature and research tool we create is designed to improve the experience of our users.

We are based in Perth, Australia and are 100% independently owned.

Research tools, scans and insights

Access in-depth information on all 2,300+ ASX listed companies in seconds. View prebuilt stock scans, corporate activity and announcements.

ASX News

Tailored for Australian share market investors with data-driven insights you might otherwise miss. Zero fluff.

Stock watchlist

Create a watchlist of your favourite ASX companies and never miss a key company development

Our History

100% organic growth


Website launched

Market Index launches and rapidly builds a loyal following due to its simplicity and accessability.


150,000 monthly users

2016 - 2018

New features drive more traffic

The website expands to cover all ASX listed companies, announcements, key corporate activity, and major commodities.


100,000 email subscribers


Market Index V2.0

A ground-up rewrite for lightning-fast pageloads, investor personalisation, and to cement Market Index as a market leader for years to come.


600,000 monthly users


ASX News launched

Financial news written exclusively for Australian share market investors. Concise and zero fluff.

A trusted source of leading publishers

We’re referenced by leading organisations within Media, Banking, University and Financial Services sector throughout Australia

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