About Us



Market Index publishes Australian stock market information. All revenue is generated from a small number of advertisements. Our goal is to create a high traffic website that provides Australian investors with easy access to practical and unbiased information on the stock market.

Who owns the website?

Market Index is a 100% independently owned Perth based company with no affiliations or parent company.

What's your mission?

To make life easier for ASX investors by providing stock market information that’s enjoyable to read and easy to digest.

How will you achieve your mission?

By creating an uncluttered and subscription-free website that looks great on all devices and strikes a perfect balance between usability and depth of information. Everything should follow the K.I.S.S. principle.

What are you selling?

Nothing! Market Index is supported entirely by advertisements.

What's your business model?

The team behind Market Index believes that if you create an amazing website, then people will come.

•   More people will find you in Google
•   Other websites will link to you
•   People will tell their friends
•   Visitors will turn into repeat visitors

As more people visit Market Index, more advertisements are viewed. That’s how we generate income to pay our bills and remain 100% independent. If people don't view ads then we can't survive, period.

But unlike many “news” websites that shove a barrage of ads down your throat, Market Index takes a different approach because we want loyal visitors.

•   All ads are non-invasive
•   The quantity of ads is kept to a minimum (many of our pages don’t even have ads).
•   The content of the ads is highly targeted; over 80% are specific to the stock market, finance or topics that would interest our website visitors.

We LOVE suggestions and feedback. Visit our Contact Page and let us know.