Three commodities (and five stocks) navigating the geopolitical risks of 2023

Tue 14 Mar 23, 9:17am (AEST)


  • How Russia-Ukraine war has changed investing and global economic climate
  • Three commodities and five stocks are covered in the brand new episode.
  • Two commodities portfolio managers join our regular panel.

This article was first published on on 13 March 2023.

The global commodities market is at a vital point in its current cycle. Years of underinvestment have caused massive supply problems in the energy market. Climate change has drastically changed the food production supply chain. And central bank rate hikes are adding to real yields - creating a headwind for gold investors at a time when gold should be thriving.

It's also been just over a year since Russian forces invaded Ukraine, causing already high prices to soar even more. At the outbreak of the war, some energy prices increased by more than 100% in a matter of days. According to McKinsey, more than 1,000 companies have withdrawn their operations in Russia, the world's 11th biggest economy, since the first days of the invasion. 

While we recognise the tragedy and injustice of war, we also cannot avoid its impact on financial markets. 

As the conflict enters its second year, Livewire's economics series Signal or Noise is taking a closer look at how the war has changed investing and the wider economic landscape. We'll also take a close look at the commodities market - the asset class which saw the biggest single movements as a consequence of the war.

Moderator Hans Lee is joined this month by the following panel members:

  • Diana Mousina, senior economist at AMP and series regular

  • Todd Warren, portfolio manager at Tribeca Investment Partners

  • Benjamin Goodwin, portfolio manager at Merlon Capital Partners

Note: This episode was taped on Wednesday 8 March 2023. You can access the show via video here. It was first published on Livewire Markets on Monday 13 March 2023.

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Signal or Noise

Tue 14 Mar 23, 9:17am (AEST)

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