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Rudi: 16 stocks with growing expectations for reporting season

Mon 07 Aug 23, 9:44am (AEST)
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Key Points

  • Reporting season will be more polarising than usual. Some sectors are experiencing an acceleration in growth, while others are still facing headwinds
  • Tech stocks are seeing rising expectations in valuations and price targets. However, investors should still be selective and avoid overcooked themes like the China revival
  • Rudi is still sitting on 18% cash and is hoping investors will sell so that he can put that dry powder to work

The risks have now shifted from the macro to the micro level, argues FNArena's Rudi Filapek-Vandyck - who reveals he is still hoarding 18% cash as we head into the all-important August reporting season. 

That's despite the more than 13% rally in the S&P/ASX All Ordinaries since its September lows last year. 

"[Reporting season] is going to be more polarising than usual," Rudi says. 

"The dynamics in the US are now different to Australia. In the US, there is a growing perception, correct or incorrect, that earnings growth might be bottoming. In Australia, we are staring towards further falls." 

Miners, energy companies, banks, retailers and REITs have been predominantly responsible for these falls locally. However, digging deeper, there are some sectors that are now experiencing an acceleration in growth, Rudi argues. 

One such sector is tech, with stocks like REA Group (ASX: REA), WiseTech (ASX: WTCand (ASX: CAR) all seeing rising expectations in valuations and price targets, he explains, despite these stocks already rallying 41%, 76% and 20% respectively year to date. 

"The message here for investors is that it's not just a low P/E that gives you value in this market. It can be higher P/E [stocks]," he says. 

In this interview, Rudi names the companies with rising earnings expectations this reporting season, as well as the sectors and themes he believes investors should still steer clear of. 

Plus, he also shares why he is still sitting on 18% cash (and the stocks he is hoping investors will sell so that he can put that dry powder to work). 

Note: This interview was recorded on Wednesday 2nd August 2023 and first published for Livewire Markets. 

Topics discussed:

  • 0:00 - Intro 

  • 0:31 - What investors can expect this reporting season

  • 1:47 - Share prices are not performing as expected after beating or missing guidance 

  • 3:00 - Analyst expectations are falling rapidly - but the detail is important 

  • 3:52 - The outlook on dividends 

  • 4:44 - The sectors and stocks on Rudi's watchlist this reporting season 

  • 7:24 - The polarisation of the market today (and how this could impact future winners)

  • 8:36 - Expectations are high for the insurers and brokers 

  • 9:25 - Tech's fate lies in the hands of the bond market 

  • 10:25 - AI and the possible beneficiaries on the ASX (some of which may surprise you)

  • 11:05 - It's still too early to invest in REITs and retailers

  • 12:34 - One other theme that is overcooked: The China revival  

  • 13:13 - Why Rudi is still hoarding 18% cash (and why he's not in a hurry)

  • 15:31 - The quality stocks Rudi would like to own in the future 

Stay up to date with Rudi's analysis this reporting season

Rudi will be publishing FNArena's Reporting Season Monitor each Friday during reporting season. The Monitor reports ratings, consensus price target changes, and brief summaries of the collective responses from FNArena's database of brokers for each of the stocks covered.

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