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The company that could be crowned as Australia's first Dividend Aristocrat in 2025

Fri 22 Mar 24, 4:00pm (AEST)
Livewire Markets | Livewire's Ally Selby and Washington H. Soul Pattinson CEO Todd Barlow


  • Washington H. Soul Pattison nears becoming the first ASX-listed company to achieve 'Dividend Aristocrat' status with 24 consecutive years of growing dividends
  • In this interview, CEO Todd Barlow talks about the company's commitment to sustainable dividend growth, showcasing a compound annual growth rate of 9.6% over 24 years
  • Barlow discusses Soul Patts' latest results, challenges the significance of profit metrics, and outlines strategic investments in Perpetual, NexGen Energy, and agriculture

Created By

Ally Selby

Fri 22 Mar 24, 4:00pm (AEST)

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