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Nutritional Growth Solutions entering sports supplement market

Wed 11 Jan 23, 11:12am (AEST)
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Key Points

  • Nutritional Growth Solutions (NGS) is a microcap health & wellness products provider headquartered in Israel
  • NGS is kicking off a 50-participant trial to study the impact of a newly designed sports supplement designed for children
  • Results expected in Q3 from study looking at soccer players aged between 8 and 15

Consumer healthcare & wellness microcap Nutritional Growth Solutions (ASX:NGS) kicked off a new trial studying the impact of a supplementary product on childrens’ sports performance on Wednesday. 

This is the company’s first foray into sports supplements. It continues to market and sell other product ranges in the US, where the company’s main commercial focus is orientated. 

The company will trial its new supplement line on 50 soccer players between the ages of 8 and 15 between now and Q3 2023 to assess safety and effectiveness against a placebo. 

NGS expects results from the trial to be ready in Q3 of this year. 

What is the supplement? 

The product is ultimately something between a sports drink and a multivitamin, providing the user’s body with key ingredients believed to improve sports performance including whey proteins, vitamins, magnesium, and also creatine. 

The addition of creatine monohydrate, a protein commonly used by bodybuilders, and its impact on younger bodies between 8 and 15 will likely be of most foremost interest to NGS’s product team once the trial results are in. 

Trial particulars 

The trial will require all 50 participants of all ages to undertake: 

  • 10 metre and 20 metre sprints 

  • Agility & endurance tests 

  • Countermovement jumps & biometric assessments 

NGS wants to see whether its product can demonstrate a material impact in retaining the integrity of muscle mass, bone density and immunology in adolescents who take it. 

“While sales of our existing products in the US continues to be our focus in 2023, we will invest up to $100k in this clinical trial,” NGS chief Liron Fendell said. 

“This trial marks our first step into the growing sports supplements market, and we look forward to offering active children a safe, effective supplement, which was designed especially for them.”

“We’re looking forward to updating the market on both additional sales in the US and internationally as well as on the progress of the clinical trials over the coming weeks.” 

The company is headquartered in Israel. 


NGS is a microcap with a market cap of $8.4m. 

One year returns for shareholders are down -73.49%. 

Year to date performance is down -5.00%.

At the end of the September quarter, it held $2.4m in cash. 

The company’s main commercial focus relies on retail wellness product sales in the US. 

The state of NGS's six month charts
The state of NGS's six month charts


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