How Frontier Energy stands out from other green hydrogen producers

Thu 24 Nov 22, 7:33pm (AEDT)


  • The production of green hydrogen emits no carbon.
  • WA’s government has particularly strong commitments and incentives for green hydrogen producers
  • Frontier Energy’s studies indicate that Bristol Springs Stage One will produce 4.4m kg of green hydrogen each year at a cost of $2.83/kg

0:18 - Can you describe Frontier Energy to us?

0:38 - What sets Frontier Energy apart?

0:56 - Can you tell us about your background?

1:24 - What is green hydrogen, and how is it created?

2:18 - Is there momentum in the hydrogen sector?

2:57 - What government commitments exist for renewable energy?

3:55 - Are incentives on offer for Green Hydrogen producers?

4:35 - Why did you locate your project in southwest WA?

5:51 - How do your costs compare to the industry?

6:52 - Where will you source water for the project?

8:00 - How soon will you be producing Green Hydrogen?

8:46 - Which part of the project are you most excited for?

8:59 - Where do you see the company in 2025?

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Thu 24 Nov 22, 7:33pm (AEDT)

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