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Audinate CEO: Demand for semiconductor chips is "gangbusters"

Mon 19 Feb 24, 2:19pm (AEST)


  • Audinate CEO Aidan Williams describes the last six months as "cracking" for the company, citing record revenues, profits and a 72% gross profit margin
  • Investors responded positively, with a 21% share price rally on results day, indicating high expectations for continued success
  • Williams expects a deviation from the typical revenue split for the second half but remains optimistic due to ongoing semiconductor chip demand and successful price increases
  • Audinate possesses a unique position in the global semiconductor chips narrative, emphasising strong demand and recent trade show success
  • Audinate is currently in five active M&A discussions but does not expect a capital raising any time soon

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Hans Lee

Mon 19 Feb 24, 2:19pm (AEST)

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