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Dividend Yield Scan


The dividend yield scan locates the highest yielding ASX listed stocks with the best fundamentals from the top ~300 largest companies.

The list is not definitive; it simply provides a starting point for locating high yielding companies that may warrant further investigation.

The Scan

1.   Market capitalisation $1b+
2.   Dividend yield 5.0%+
3.   Rank by dividend yield


A high dividend yield can indicate:
β€’   A falling share price
β€’   A company with limited growth prospects
β€’   A once-off or special dividend

Dividend Yield
The dividend yield is calculated by adding up all dividends paid in the last 12 months (including special dividends), then dividing the value by the current share price. All dividend data is calculated internally by Market Index.


DRP = Dividend Reinvestment Plan

1yr Return = Price return only

Broker Consensus will return in February

Historical Highest Yields