YPB Group’s anti-counterfeit ‘invisible ink’ detection tech, MotifMicro, to hit App Stores

Mon 22 Aug 22, 10:28am (AEDT)
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Key Points

  • For the first time, YPB Group’s MotifMicro tech set to be published on Apple, Android’s iOS & Play Stores respectively
  • MotifMicro allows a mobile phone to detect the presence of phosphor, a luminescent compound, using a camera
  • The company notes the app has gone through significant re-working to minimise storage space on devices

Anti-counterfeit developers and security tech disruptors YPB Group (ASX:YPB) has revealed its MotifMicro app is set to go live on the Apple and Android app stores.

MotifMicro is a YPB-owned solution which can detect phosphor in the form of ‘invisible ink’ applied to products to guarantee legitimacy. Phosphor glows green under UV light, but is otherwise invisible to the naked eye.

The big takeaway: YPB Group sells phosphor inks to business consumers for use on the manufacturing line, where the phosphor (or invisible ink, if you will,) acts as a maker’s mark. 

This could be utilised by retail consumers double checking they’ve really ordered what they paid for, but YPB Group is more interested in turning its AI-supported solution to B2B applications. 

Supply chain applications 

The technology, the company says, is easily scalable, meaning it could easily be used by warehouses receiving goods from vendors, or at any part of the supply chain where one party does not have absolute oversight of the goods it is to receive. 

The tech works by using a simple mobile phone camera to detect the UV compound phosphor, an existing anti-counterfeit solution in use in many locations. 

YPB Group is ultimately reducing the cost of UV scanners for industry, with workers set to be able to use handheld devices, which the company is optimistic will lower costs, and reduce the incidence of counterfeit onselling. 

Trials ongoing 

Investors should note MotifMicro is not on either Apple or Android app stores yet, but is likely to go ahead. The app itself will not generate revenue, given that it is accessory to YPB’s main revenue generator: the sale of UV inks and like-for-like materials. 

Currently, trials are underway in Australia, Southeast Asia, India, and the Middle East, which will give the company a chance to crosscheck MotifMicro performance in different cultural, operational, and weather conditions. 

“The app has been significantly enhanced using feedback from our trial partners,” YPB Group executive chair John Houston said. 

“I’m delighted to announce this material milestone for YPB’s ground breaking MotifMicro technology.” 

A hypothetical depiction of existing anti-counterfeit solutions, using QR Codes, on packaged foods. QR codes are easily to replicate and fake, something which MicroMotif makes much harder. (Source: YPB Group)
A hypothetical depiction of existing anti-counterfeit solutions, using QR Codes, on packaged foods. QR codes are easily to replicate and fake, something which MotifMicro makes harder. (Source: YPB Group)

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