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Why relentless innovation is Pro Medicus’ biggest opportunity and risk

Fri 16 Feb 24, 1:53pm (AEST)


  • Pro Medicus (ASX: PME) has garnered significant market attention in recent years, emerging as a growth stock standout
  • The company's share price has soared from just above $4 in 2017 to a high exceeding $111, despite a recent sharp selloff, reflecting its remarkable growth trajectory alongside record results
  • Co-founder and CEO Dr. Sam Hupert, far from stepping back, remains deeply engaged in the industry, declaring this as the prime time to be involved
  • He sees artificial intelligence as a complementary force in healthcare imaging, capable of elevating standards further
  • In an interview, Hupert discusses recent major contract wins and the future pipeline, as well as the company's approach to collaborating with thought leaders to expand opportunities

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Chris Conway

Fri 16 Feb 24, 1:53pm (AEST)

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