Understanding the Cybersecurity Industry with Whitehawk CEO Terry Roberts

Fri 23 Dec 22, 9:00am (AEDT)


  • Most companies have inadequate cyber defences
  • This was on notable display with the recent Optus hack, which saw up to 9.7m customers affected, according to Optus
  • Whitehawk is progressing on several important partnerships which Roberts has described as "game-changing"

0:17 - Can you tell us about Whitehawk?

0:31 - How does Whitehawk stand out from its competitors?

1:06 - Do you think cybercrime will become more common?

1:36 - Whyis cybercrime on the rise?

2:04 - Are cybercriminals getting smarter?

2:41 - What cybersecurity mistakes will most companies make?

3:33 - Which of Whitehawk’s services are leading revenue?

4:13 - What other products does Whitehawk have in its portfolio?

4:48 - What’s on the cards for Whitehawk after Christmas?

5:05 - Can you tell us more about Whitehawk’s game-changing contracts?

5:22 - What is your guidance for earnings across the 2023 financial year?

6:17 - Where do you see Whitehawk in five years’ time?

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Fri 23 Dec 22, 9:00am (AEDT)

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