How YPB Group is fighting back against the $2.3tn counterfeiting industry

Mon 22 Aug 22, 10:30am (AEDT)


  • The counterfeiting industry has been valued at $2.3tn - more than Canada's GDP
  • Counterfeit products pose serious health risks
  • YPB have developed technology to protect company products from counterfeiting

0:17 - How long have you been YPB Group’s CEO?

0:27 - What did you do before this?

0:41 - In 10 seconds, can you describe the company’s overall mission?

0:53 - What are YPB Group’s main products?

1:03 - And what makes YPB Group stand out from its competitors?

1:11 - In ten seconds or less, can you describe YPB’s anti-counterfeit technology?

1:24 - What made you enter this sector?

1:42 - Are counterfeit products a threat to companies’ profits?

1:57 - Has counterfeiting increased during Covid?

2:12 - Do you think bricks and mortar shopping will return once lockdowns end worldwide?

2:29 - YPB Group recently entered South Korea. Is demand for your software stronger in Asian markets?

2:48 - Where are most counterfeit products produced?

2:57 - What’s one impact of counterfeiting people may not realise?

3:12 - What’s on the cards for the company moving forward?

3:34 - Is YPB Group set to operate in Asia for the long term?

3:45 - So far, what has market interest in YPB’s products been like?

4:10 - What is needed for the company’s growth to continue?

4:25 - What is YPB Group currently working on at this minute?

4:36 - Where do you see YPB Group in one year?

4:50 - And what about in five years’ time?

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Mon 22 Aug 22, 10:30am (AEDT)

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