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How you can stay ahead of the explosive growth in ETFs

Mon 18 Mar 24, 3:52pm (AEST)
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There are now 325 exchange traded products or ETPs listed on the ASX with a combined value in excess of $172 billion. That’s an enormous step up from the $6.86 billion that was invested across 90 ETPs just 11 years ago.

Last year was a record year for product launches, with 56 new products launched on Australian exchanges. In all, 108 new exchange traded products were added in the past two years. From fully diversified portfolios and traditional index funds to thematic ETFs, hedge funds and active strategies. The breadth of tools at investors' disposal is changing dramatically.

Investors are drawn to the relative ease at which these products can be bought and sold, the low fees and their broader applications in a diversified portfolio. It is no surprise that more than 2 million Australians are investing in ETFs.

The Listed Series is back in 2024

Market Index and Livewire are excited to launch our Listed Series for 2024 in partnership with ASX. The Series is aimed at teaching investors how to effectively filter the rapidly growing universe of exchange traded products so they can select the right products for their portfolios.

The Series, which is kicking off on the 18th of March, will feature insights from leading wealth managers, ETF providers and asset allocators. We’ll be drawing on their portfolio construction expertise to show how investors can build portfolios to meet their requirements.

We’ll also be running feature interviews with nine fund managers across a range of asset classes to learn about the opportunities they see in 2024.

These are some of the topics and questions that we will be asking the experts and covering.

  • How to compare and filter the growing universe of ETFs

  • Which are the best ETFs for growth?

  • Which are the best ETFs for regular income?

  • How to combine ETFs to build a portfolio that meets your needs

  • Which asset classes work best for active and passive strategies?

  • Defensive and hedging strategies using ETFs

How do you use ETFs in your portfolio?

It has been estimated that 2 million Australians now own an exchange-traded product. If you’re one of those people, we’d love to know how and why you are using these products via an easy multiple-choice survey that takes about four minutes to complete.


Participating in the survey helps us to improve your experience with Market Index and gives you access to insights from other investors. We appreciate your time.

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