How Sabre Resources plans to capitalise on the 2025 nickel deficit

Wed 12 Oct 22, 6:00pm (AEST)


  • Traditionally, nickel has been essential in stainless steel production
  • Now, nickel is playing a large role in the battery industry
  • Sabre expects a nickel deficit from 2025 onward
  • Sabre’s projects are anticipated to capitalise on this deficit

0:16 - Can you tell the audience about Sabre Resources?

0:37 - How does the company stand out from its competitors?

1:20 - Where has nickel traditionally been used?

1:54 - How crucial is nickel for global EV production?

2:34 - Where do you see the Australian nickel market heading?

3:33 - What’s on the cards for Sabre Resources moving forward?

5:21 - Where do you see the Company in one year?

6:30 - Where do you see the company in five years?

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Wed 12 Oct 22, 6:00pm (AEST)

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