Askari has found a large field of lithium pegmatite outcrops at its NT Barrow Creek play

Fri 09 Sep 22, 11:49am (AEST)
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Key Points

  • Over 130 rock chip samples collected from newly logged pegmatite field in previously untested area
  • Approvals for drilling to commence at Barrow are expected in the coming weeks and months
  • Results reflect most continuous pegmatites discovered at Barrow yet

In late August, when Askari Metals (ASX:AS2) went back to its Barrow Creek acreage in the NT to conduct fieldwork mapping ahead of drilling, the company was hopeful it could collect more samples from promising-looking outcrops. 

In March of 2022, the company’s geotechs had collected 120 rock chip samples and a further batch of 350 soil samples for analysis. 

Before Askari got underway with its latest campaign, its geotech team noted the company intended to explore (read: by foot) previously untested areas on-site prospective for lithium. 

The results of examining that untested area have proven to be fruitful. 

Sizeable surface outcrops 

It turns out Askari’s NT Barrow Creek project contains its own pegmatite field at roughly 2km x 1km in size.

Pegmatite outcropping on-site contains specimens of up to over 5m thickness and the geotech team expects these formations to swell further underground. 

139 rock chip samples have been collected as part of the latest fieldwork run at Barrow. 

Approvals to drill pending 

“The pegmatites are the most continuous we’ve uncovered so far and warrants enthusiasm for the project,” Askari’s VP of Exploration Johan Lambrechts said. 

“The company has long since commenced the process of acquiring the documentation required for drilling and await their approval.” 

Askari can’t stop finding pegmatites 

Askari’s Barrow Creek project covers some 278km² and is located in the NT’s Arunta lithium province, with Lithium Plus (ASX:LPM) and Core Lithium (ASX:CXO) projects nearby. 

In the March quarter, the company first discovered pegmatite outcropping on-site with early evidence of possible lithium mineralisation promising. 

At the time, geotechs did not get the chance to thoroughly examine the South Central area—where the company has today confirmed the presence of another pegmatite field. 

Steep terrain at the south eastern portion of the acreage has disrupted previous exploration through the region, including by NT government led geological surveys. 

Several mapped pegmatites, however, are known to occur at the northern end of this target area, with piecemeal mapping work to be undertaken. 

A look at Askari's three month charts
A look at Askari's three month charts

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