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8 stocks that should be on your radar following reporting season

Fri 01 Mar 24, 10:11am (AEST)
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Source: Livewire Markets | Marcus Ryan, Michael Steele and Joel Fleming from Yarra Capital Management

Reporting season is now behind us - and what a month it was. Stocks like Megaport (ASX: MP1) surprised to the upside, with its share price soaring 28% on the back of its result. Meanwhile, larger-cap stocks like Reliance Worldwide (ASX: RWC) also saw their share price skyrocket on the back of a stellar profit result.

It's a far cry from the reporting season of 12 months ago. This month, the beat-to-miss ratio saw beats 9% higher than the number of misses. This time last year, that number was 1% - a "really solid" improvement - as Marcus Ryan, Deputy Portfolio Manager, Broadcap Australian Equities at Yarra Capital Management put it.

In the following Rapid Fire interview, Marcus, Michael Steele, and Joel Fleming - representing the entire market cap spectrum from micro- to large-cap, share the key insights from the season, including;

  • The biggest stock surprises

  • The biggest misses

  • The biggest sleeper stocks (the ones that no one is paying attention to but should be)

  • The biggest opportunity and risk between now and next season

For a deeper dive into the season, a longer-form interview will be available later today.

Note: This video was filmed on 28 February 2024 and first appeared on Livewire Markets.

Time Stamp

  • 0:06 - Biggest surprises of the season (small cap)

  • 0:29 - Biggest surprise (large cap)

  • 0:39 - Biggest miss (large cap)

  • 0:59 - Biggest miss (small cap)

  • 1:16 - Sleeper stocks

  • 1:58 - True or false: the consumer will be stronger next reporting period

  • 2:15 - Biggest opportunity between now and next season

  • 2:41 - Biggest risk between now and next season

  • 2:59 - Yarra house view on interest rates

  • 3:15 - The final message for investors

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