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VDBA's Principal Activity is the the Funds predominantly invest in the Vanguard Wholesale Funds, a group of unlisted unit trusts which are also managed by the Responsible Entity.

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ASX Rank 403 of 2,408
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Key Fundamentals

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EPS $0.00
DPS $2.2813
Book Value Per Share $867.43

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VDBA is not covered by a major broker, or data from most recent compilation was omitted due to not meeting QA guidelines.


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Corporate Overview

Vanguard Diversified Balanced Index ETF (VDBA) provides low-cost access to a range of sector funds, offering broad diversification across multiple asset classes. The Balanced ETF is designed for investors seeking a balance between income and capital growth. The ETF targets a 50% allocation to income asset classes and a 50% allocation to growth asset classes.

Incorporation Details

No incorporation details available.

Corporate Details

Head Office Melbourne VIC 3000
Registry Computershare
Auditor PricewaterhouseCoopers
Date Listed -

Upcoming Calendar (Forecasted)

No calendar entries available.

Dividend History

DPS and Yield calculations use the Pay Date.

Ex-Date Amount Franking Gross Type Payable
01/04/2022 $0.3992 23% $0.4391 Interim 20/04/2022
04/01/2022 $0.2069 24% $0.2283 Interim 19/01/2022
01/10/2021 $0.2164 61% $0.2726 Interim 18/10/2021
01/07/2021 $1.4588 2% $1.4722 Final 16/07/2021
01/04/2021 $2.309 3% $2.3418 Interim 20/04/2021
04/01/2021 $1.0976 4% $1.1151 Interim 19/01/2021
01/10/2020 $1.0516 6% $1.0798 Interim 16/10/2020
01/07/2020 $1.2031 2% $1.2111 Final 16/07/2020
01/04/2020 $0.4154 19% $0.4492 Interim 20/04/2020
02/01/2020 $0.2337 25% $0.2583 Interim 17/01/2020
01/10/2019 $0.2368 48% $0.2858 Interim 16/10/2019
01/07/2019 $0.3259 21% $0.3554 Final 16/07/2019
01/04/2019 $0.2296 42% $0.2706 Interim 16/04/2019
02/01/2019 $0.1842 0% $0.1842 Interim 17/01/2019
01/10/2018 $0.2293 55% $0.2831 Interim 16/10/2018
02/07/2018 $0.089 0% $0.089 Final 17/07/2018
03/04/2018 $0.1604 38% $0.1862 Interim 18/04/2018
02/01/2018 $0.1279 31% $0.1451 Interim 17/01/2018

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Key Data
DPS(TTM) $2.2813
Gross DPS(TTM) $2.4123
Dividend yield
Gross yield
Payout Ratio 6%
DRP Features -

Directors & Management

Directors & Management

Name Title Since Bio
D Shrimski Non-Executive Director May 2021

D Shrimski

Non-Executive Director

Profile not reported in annual report

C Cosby Non-Executive Director May 2021

C Cosby

Non-Executive Director

Profile not reported in annual report

C McIsaac Non-Executive Director Sep 2020

C McIsaac

Non-Executive Director

Profile not reported in annual report

Mr Frank Kolimago Non-Executive Director Sep 2018

Mr Frank Kolimago

Non-Executive Director

Mr Kolimago is responsible for all aspects of management, distribution, and operations of Vanguard's Australian business. Since joining Vanguard in 1996, Frank has served in a variety of roles including working in the Institutional Investor Group as a principal in Malvern, Pennsylvania and Scottsdale, Arizona, and leading the teams that support institutional retirement plan clients across a variety of segments. In 2000, Frank moved to Japan to assist in establishing and managing Vanguard's Tokyo office, and in 2013, he headed up the combined Shared Services and Defined Benefit Services Group within Vanguard Institutional Investor Group. Most recently, Frank was principal and head of Vanguard Personal Advisor Services in the United States, which provides Vanguard clients with ongoing asset management and investment advice consultations with Certified Financial Planner professionals.

Ms Johanna Platt Non-Executive Director Oct 2017

Ms Johanna Platt

Non-Executive Director

Ms Platt is Chief Financial Officer for Vanguard Australia and a member of the Australian Executive Team. Johanna is focused on Vanguard's financial operations at both a management and statutory level. She also leads the operational teams responsible for providing fund accounting, administration and transfer agency services for Vanguard's managed funds, exchange traded funds, and separately managed products.Prior to joining Vanguard in July 2017, Johanna gained more than 20 years of experience across the consumer goods, logistics and retail sectors, and in her most recent role was Iron Mountain's Chief Financial Officer for Australia and New Zealand.

Mr Ashley Warmbrand Company Secretary N/A

Director Interests

The current holdings of VDBA directors.

Director Last Notice Direct Shares Indirect Shares Options Convertibles
C Cosby N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
C McIsaac N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
D Shrimski N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Johanna Platt N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Frank Kolimago N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

Historical Data

Share Price History

Date Close Change %Chg Open High Low Volume Turnover

Historical Data

Year Closing Price Last Trade
2021 $56.44 30 June
2020 $55.03 30 June
2019 $55.10 28 June
2018 $51.40 29 June
VDBA Historical Price Data (CSV)
Up to 20 years of EOD share price history
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