Results endorse FYI’s innovative refining

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Wed 15 Dec 21, 2:56pm (AEST)
Strong results may also have a positive impact to the project economics

Key Points

  • Positive results found favour with the market
  • Trials 3 and 4 scheduled for operations in January 2022

FYI Resources (ASXD: FYI) share price was up 3.23% well into today’s trading following revelations that its pilot plant trial sampling, conducted in collaboration with Alcoa, had achieved an average of 99.99% aluminium oxide purity in first week of trials.

Following week one of trialing, conducted during November 16 to 23 of this year, the company says results prove high purity alumina (HPA) meet operational and quality expectations and demonstrates the effectiveness of FYI’s refining process.

New York based analysts used high-level glow discharge mass spectrometry to confirm the grading of the HPA.

With week two of the trials now complete, independent analysis to about to take place, while trials three and four will be scheduled for operations in January 2022.

FYI Managing Director, Roland Hill believes the results positively endorse the company’s innovative HPA refining process.

“The results may also have a positive impact to the project economics (capex and opex improvements) as well as continuing to demonstrate the ability to deliver consistent and reliable high quality HPA product”.

Over the last 3 years the company has invested heavily in detailed research and development in refining, and perfecting an innovative eco-friendly purification process for HPA utilising conventional process technologies and equipment selection.


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