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Not even a global slowdown could stop this 25-bagger

Fri 23 Feb 24, 10:37am (AEST)
Livewire's Ally Selby (left) and Wisetech Global founder and CEO Richard White (right)


  • In this interview, Wisetech founder and CEO Richard White talks about the company's recent half-year results and why investors should get excited over the coming 12 months
  • • While listed at $3.35 in 2016, WiseTech's share price has skyrocketed 2,491%, showcasing its impressive growth trajectory
  • White views disruptions like the Red Sea issue as opportunities, emphasizing that only 3% of their growth relies on volumes, with their primary focus being customer value
  • Expressing optimism for the next 12 months, White highlights the significant value their software offers customers and their commitment to maintaining a 20% dividend payout ratio

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Ally Selby

Fri 23 Feb 24, 10:37am (AEST)

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