Dundas moving to expand southern WA landholding by 54%

Tue 08 Nov 22, 1:37pm (AEST)
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Key Points

  • Dundas is applying to the state regulator to expand tenement size by over half
  • Post-approval, move will award Dundas total combined area of 644 square kilometres
  • New land area is northeast of the Central exploration target

Dundas Minerals (ASX:DUN) is seeking to start off 2023 with a beefed up project size as it applies to the state regulator to expand its landholdings in southern WA by over 50%. 

Dundas is keen to pick up more land in the Albany-Fraser Orogen, where the company is currently exploring for nickel. 

The new land it wants is to the northeast of the ‘Central’ exploration target in the same project. 

The company most recently logged promising soil samples at Central, though, further exploration is needed to tell if the project is a proper money maker. 

Dundas has been able to move to apply for the expanded operating envelope following the withdrawal of other prior exploration permits from third parties. Dundas paid $20,000 and gave away 40,000 shares as part of that deal. 

Dundas's three month charts
Dundas's three month charts
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