Askari picks up new lithium acreage in emerging WA Pilbara battery metals province

Fri 11 Nov 22, 11:44am (AEST)
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Key Points

  • Askari has a new lithium project in the Pilbara region of WA
  • Hillside joins company’s existing tranche of lithium plays
  • Soil and rock sampling, and, outcrop mapping, to commence shortly

Askari Metals (ASX:AS2) is beefing up its lithium portfolio in the eastern Pilbara once again with a new acquisition; the Hillside Lithium Project. 

Located 4km away from spodumene-bearing acreage owned by Trek Metals Limited (ASX:TKM) and Riversgold Limited (ASX:RGL), Askari is confident it has just moved into an ideal spot in an increasingly impactful lithium province.’

Hillside is also along strike of the Trigg Hill and East Curlew lithium plays, which are operated by Eastern Resources Limited (ASX:EFE).

Also active in the Tambourah area (where Hillside is located) are Infinity Mining (ASX:IMI) and Minrex (ASX:MRR)

Strong results nextdoor; greenfield hopes

Rock chip assays at Trigg Hill have turned over hard rock lithium results of 2.28% concentrations. 

Askari describes exploration potential at Hillside as “significant”; further highlighting under-exploration in the area to such extent drilll testing has never been carried out. 

The goal is a greenstone greenfield discovery. Initial exploration work at Hillside will see the company collect soil and rock samples while mapping outcrops on site. 

Once that data, if not more, is amalgamated; the company will then begin thinking about the drills. 

Perfectly located: Management 

“We believe that the exploration potential of this project is significant and this is highlighted by the recent exploration success at the Tambourah Lithium Project owned by Riversgold Limited and the Tambourah North Lithium Project owned by Trek Metals Limited,” Askari chief Gino D’Anna said. 

“Strategically the Hillside project is perfectly located and is highly complementary to our existing eastern Pilbara lithium assets.”

“Our strategic lithium partnership with Zhejiang Kanglongda means that we are well positioned to leverage our success in this area. We look forward to commencing our planned exploration program at the Hillside project as soon as possible.”

Askari's three month charts
Askari's three month charts
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