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A green revolution for the US$56 billion cement industry and this stock is leading the charge

Wed 29 Nov 23, 11:49am (AEDT)
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Key Points

  • First Graphene is developing graphene-enhanced cement that can reduce carbon emissions by 15% and increase compressive strength by 10%
  • The company is conducting cement trials with major industrial and building material players including Breedon, Cemex and Siam City
  • First Graphene is expecting to receive results from Phase Two of its graphene-enhanced cement trials in early 2024

First Graphene (ASX: FGR) is on a mission to decarbonise cement production – One of the world's largest industrial causes of carbon pollution that's responsible for 8% of global emissions.

Graphene-enhanced cement trials with leading construction and building companies including Fosroc, Breedon and Cemex found a 15% reduction in carbon emissions and a 10% increase in compressive strength.

The trials introduced the company's flagship product – PureGRAPH – to the cement production process, which lowered clinker levels to deliver a green cement product to the industry. Clinker is the main active and binding ingredient in cement, which produces approximately 800-900 kg of CO2 emissions per tonne of clinker.

First Graphene is accelerating the commercalisation of its graphene-enhanced products for the burgeoning green cement industry, projected to reach US$56 billion by 2027. Today, the company announced significant progress, including new and ongoing cement trials and a commercialisation agreement with UK-based Breedon. In this interview, Managing Director Michael Bell joins us to share more on these advancements and opportunities.

First Graphene Snapshot

  • Market cap: $40 million

  • Cash: $2.3 million as at 30 September 2023

  • Major focus: High-performing graphene products

  • Projects: Manufacturing facility in Henderson, WA

  • Interesting fact: Global construction of concrete sits at more than 4 billion tonnes per annum, making it the second most consumed material after water

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What is the key message from today's announcement?

There has been a significant increase in activity for First Graphene as we advance and solidify our position as a leading supplier of graphene-enhanced products for the rapidly growing cement and concrete industry.

First Graphene is providing the graphene-enhanced solutions needed by this sector to reduce carbon emissions from production processes, as well as enhance the performance of the industrial materials used by the industry.

First Graphene’s commercialisation strategy continues to rapidly gain traction, evidenced by recent milestones and the collaborations we have secured with some of the world’s most prominent and innovative cement and concrete organisations.

Why is this announcement significant for FGR?

This announcement highlights the work First Graphene has been doing and continues to do to meet the world’s demand for alternative products to deliver lower-carbon solutions for the cement and concrete industry.

Our range of PureGRAPH products will enable this transition for the industry, and recent trial results are pointing the industry in our direction, but as with any emerging technology, there is more to do in this space.

This is why we are focused on optimising dosage and addition methods with a variety of companies, to make sure we provide the best version of our premium product to the industry.

First Graphene’s presence is fast expanding around the world as our products participate in different trials, extending the potential uses for graphene, which is resulting in more commercialisation opportunities for the Company.

Did the cement trials with Breedon meet, exceed, or miss your expectations?

The results from Phase One of our world-leading trials of graphene-enhanced cement, conducted with the UK’s largest producer of cement Breedon Cement, have so far met expectations.

This initial trial found adding PureGRAPH to cement can create an increase of up to 10% in the cement’s early-stage compressive strength and a 15% reduction in CO2 emissions during the manufacturing process.

The concrete created during this trial also successfully met the performance criteria, reinforcing the viability of producing graphene-enhanced cement at industrial scales.

Following this success, the Phase Two trials will focus on optimising dosing methods, and I look forward to informing the market on these results, which we expect to receive in January 2024.

What are some of the key details that investors should pay attention to?

This update should instil confidence for shareholders and spark interest for new investors, as it showcases some of the immense work being conducted to advance the use of First Graphene’s products across the cement and concrete sector.

  • We have recently started collaborating with an expanded range of major international companies in this industry including one of Thailand’s largest cement producers, a global cement producer in New Zealand, and further arrangements in place with a variety of companies in the UK.

  • These agreements will only further launch the markets awareness of First Graphene, our PureGRAPH products, and the benefits they provide to the high-consumption and high-demand cement and concrete sector.

  • With a strong commercialisation strategy pushing the company forward, First Graphene has a clear pathway for growth, making now an exciting time for investors.

What are the next steps and when will they happen?

First Graphene has a series of next steps we will be taking over the next 12 months, especially a as the different trials, occurring simultaneously, start to deliver results.

With results from the Phase Two graphene-enhanced cement trials expected in early 2024, analysis of this data will be a priority for First Graphene. If the results are positive, we anticipate there will be further commercial interest in PureGRAPH and its potential applications in the cement and concrete sector.

As mentioned in this announcement, there are also a variety of prospective commercial opportunities currently progressing for First Graphene, including discussions with a UK Government agency to optimise graphene-enhanced cement’s performance to meet its needs.

What is your outlook for the green cement industry?

The cement production process is one of the world’s largest industrial causes of carbon pollution, but with concrete remaining the world’s most consumed material after water, the need for alternative ‘green’ solutions will only grow.

Global manufacturers of cement have committed to reducing CO2 emissions by 25% by 2030, providing a strict yet realistic timeline if solutions like First Graphene’s graphene-enhanced products are implemented and rapidly scaled up.

We know demand for green cement will continue rise, which is why First Graphene is focused on being at the forefront of this industry tidal wave by offering our superior PureGRAPH products.

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