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CVW's Principal Activity is the provision of various services such as Life Insurance,Wealth Management,Financial Advice and investment in listed entity / other.

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ASX Rank 446 of 2,319
Sector Rank 83 of 279

Key Fundamentals

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Sector Financial Services
Similar Companies IFRA / PGG / GCI
EPS $0.011
DPS $0.01
NTA per share $0.72

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Corporate Overview

Clearview Wealth Limited (CVW) is a financial services company with businesses that specialise in life insurance, wealth management and financial advice solutions. CVW has a network of experienced, accredited financial planners based throughout Australia who can advise on wealth accumulation, retirement strategies and on life insurance. CVW has three business segments: Life Insurance, Wealth Management and Financial Advice.

Incorporation Details

Incorporated Incorporated in Victoria. Changed name and code to Clearview Wealth Limited (CVW), 16/06/2010.

Corporate Details

Head Office Sydney NSW 2000
Registry Computershare
Auditor Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
Date Listed 11 Dec 2003

Upcoming Calendar (Forecasted)

Date Event
23/02/2022 Report (Interim)
24/08/2022 Report (Prelim)
24/08/2022 Report (Annual)

Dividend History

DPS and Yield calculations use the Pay Date.

Ex-Date Amount Franking Gross Type Payable
08/09/2021 $0.01 100% $0.0143 Final 24/09/2021
11/09/2018 $0.03 100% $0.0429 Final 28/09/2018
12/09/2017 $0.0275 100% $0.0393 Final 29/09/2017
15/09/2016 $0.025 100% $0.0357 Final 30/09/2016
01/09/2015 $0.021 100% $0.03 Final 17/09/2015
02/09/2014 $0.02 100% $0.0286 Final 17/09/2014
24/09/2013 $0.018 100% $0.0257 Final 08/10/2013
03/10/2012 $0.022 0% $0.022 Interim 16/10/2012
10/09/2012 $0.018 100% $0.0257 Final 27/09/2012
05/09/2011 $0.018 100% $0.0257 Final 22/09/2011

See Upcoming Dividends for all ASX companies.

Key Data
DPS(TTM) $0.01
Gross DPS(TTM) $0.0143
Dividend yield
Gross yield
Payout Ratio 94%
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Directors & Management

Directors & Management

Name Title Since Bio
Ms Jennifer Lyon Non-Executive Director Jul 2020 Director Bio icon

Ms Jennifer Lyon

Non-Executive Director

Ms Lyon is an experienced actuary, small business owner and Director. She was a founding owner of recruitment firm SKL Executive and served as a Director until December 2020. Jennifer has also formerly held a number of senior and Director positions including non-executive Director and President of the Actuaries Institute of Australia, Managing Director of Qed Actuarial, a actuarial recruitment firm, a Director of Hall & Lyon which managed the distribution of actuarial education material, and worked at AMP and Towers Perrin in superannuation and financial services. Jennifer has also served on the Board of ClearView's superannuation trustee board, ClearView Life Nominees Pty Ltd since 1 July 2014 (until her appointment, acted as Chairperson). She is Chair of Risk & Compliance committee.

Mr Geoffrey Murray Black Non-Executive Director,Non-Executive Chairman Nov 2019 Director Bio icon

Mr Geoffrey Murray Black

Non-Executive Director,Non-Executive Chairman

Mr Black has over 30 years of experience in life insurance and wealth management and is currently a director of Platypus Asset Management and was Head of Business Development at RGA Australia from 2015 until April 2019. Prior to joining RGA Australia, he held senior executive positions at TAL Australia and was formerly Managing Director of PrefSure Life and Lumley Life Limited. He is a member of Risk and Compliance Committee.

Ms Judilyn Beaumont Company Secretary,General Counsel Nov 2019
Mr Michael Thomas Alscher Non-Executive Director Mar 2018 Director Bio icon

Mr Michael Thomas Alscher

Non-Executive Director

Mr Alscher was a consultant at Bain International and the LEK Partnership where he spent considerable time working across banking and insurance clients. After leaving consulting, Michael was the Chief Operating Officer and a Director of Gowings Bros Limited. He is the current Chairman of Cardno Limited, Australian Clinical Labs Limited, National Media Services Group Limited, Crumpler Pty Limited and National Dental Care Pty Limited. He is also a former Chairman and Director of Cover-More Group Limited and LifeHealthCare Group Limited, and a former Director of Metro Performance Glass Limited.

Ms Susan Egbert Young Non-Executive Director Dec 2016 Director Bio icon

Ms Susan Egbert Young

Non-Executive Director

Ms Young has over 30 years of experience in senior executive roles internationally, with 15 years of experience in investment banking, followed by senior management roles in the corporate and professional services sector. She retired as a Partner of Spencer Stuart, and previously held operational management roles as both a divisional CFO and Joint Venture CEO/President for a Lend Lease Group company. She is Governor of WWF Australia and previously served on the board of the Westmead Institute for Medical Research. She is a member of Risk & Compliance committee.

Mr Gary Zalman Burg Non-Executive Director Oct 2012 Director Bio icon

Mr Gary Zalman Burg

Non-Executive Director

Mr Burg has experience in building life insurance businesses in South Africa and in Australia. He is a former director of, and investor in, South African listed Capital Alliance Holdings Limited (which owned Capital Alliance Life Limited and Capital Alliance Bank Limited). Gary is also a former director and investor in a number of Australian based financial services businesses, including Prefsure Life Limited and Insurance Line Holdings Pty Limited. He is a member of Risk and Compliance Committee.

Mr Nathanial Jonothan Thomson Non-Executive Director Oct 2012 Director Bio icon

Mr Nathanial Jonothan Thomson

Non-Executive Director

Mr Thomson has consulting experience for financial institutions at McKinsey & Co. He is the former deputy Chairman of Cover-More Group Limited prior to its listing on the ASX, a former Director of Metro Performance Glass Limited, prior to its listing on the ASX, and is currently a Director of Cardno Limited, Australian Clinical Labs Limited, National Dental Care Pty Limited and National Home Doctor Service Pty Limited.

Mr Simon Swanson Managing Director Mar 2010 Director Bio icon

Mr Simon Swanson

Managing Director

Mr Swanson has over 35 years of experience across life insurance, funds management, general insurance and health insurance. He was previously a director of the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation and former Chairman of ANZIIF's Life, Health and Retirement Income Faculty Advisory Board.

Athol Chiert Chief Financial Officer N/A
Justin McLaughlin Chief Investment Officer N/A
Christopher Blaxland-Walker General Manager, Distribution N/A
Todd Kardash General Manager, Licensee Services N/A
Gerard Kerr General Manager, Life Insurance N/A
Hicham Mourad General Manager, Technology N/A
Nadine Gooderick General Manager, Transformation N/A
James Myerscough Interim Chief Risk Officer N/A
Deborah Lowe Wealth Management and Chief HR Officer N/A

Director Transactions

CVW directors must report any change in shareholding to the ASX within 5 business days.

See Director Transactions for all ASX companies.

Date Director Type Amount Price Value Notes
05/11/20 Gary Burg Issued 10,000 $100.00 $1,000,000 Issue of securities
29/04/20 Geoffrey Black Buy +50,000 $0.203 $10,133 On-market trade
28/02/20 Simon Swanson Buy +58,754 $0.335 $19,663 On-market trade
28/02/20 Simon Swanson Buy +58,754 $0.335 $19,662 On-market trade
10/09/19 Simon Swanson Buy +791,246 $0.60 $474,748 Conversion of securities
29/10/18 Simon Swanson Buy +60,981 $0.825 $50,285 On-market trade

Director Interests

The current holdings of CVW directors.

Director Last Notice Direct Shares Indirect Shares Options Convertibles
Jennifer Lyon 30/06/2021 N/A 27,212 N/A N/A
Geoffrey Black 30/06/2021 N/A 50,000 N/A N/A
Susan Young 30/06/2021 N/A 5,550,000 N/A N/A
Simon Swanson 30/06/2021 27,642 55,450 N/A N/A
Gary Burg 30/06/2021 N/A 10,918,090 N/A N/A
Nathanial Thomson 22/10/2012 0 N/A N/A N/A
Michael Alscher 22/10/2012 0 N/A N/A N/A

Shareholder Info

Top 20 Shareholders

Data supplied by Morningstar and accurate on Aug 6, 2021.

It's not possible to publish a real-time Top 20 Shareholder list. Companies are not obliged to report this data (with the exception of Substantial Shareholders above 5%). If a company chooses to publish the data, it's usually once a year in their Annual Report.

All data is manually compiled so there might be a delay between the Annual Report being published and the data appearing on Market Index (<7 days for ASX 300 and up to 30 days for micro-caps).

Name Shares Capital
HSBC Custody Nominees (Australia) Limited 121,742,183 18.19%
Perpetual Corporate Trust Limited 66,950,844 10.00%
Citicorp Nominees Pty Limited 62,383,440 9.32%
CCP Bidco Pty Ltd 57,302,851 8.56%
CCP Trusco 4 Pty Limited 43,582,632 6.51%
CCP Bidco Pty Limited 33,786,569 5.05%
CCP Trusco 5 Pty Limited 30,893,528 4.62%
CCP Trusco 1 Pty Limited 28,458,809 4.25%
Portfolio Services Pty Ltd 18,242,415 2.73%
CCP Trusco 3 Pty Limited 16,262,175 2.43%
BNP Paribas Noms Pty Ltd 14,310,002 2.14%
CCP Trusco 2 Pty Limited 13,551,813 2.02%
Wintol Pty Ltd 10,849,382 1.62%
Portfolio Services Pty Ltd (i) 10,304,057 1.54%
Mr Simon Swanson 10,000,000 1.49%
Accuro Trust (Switzerland) Sa 8,235,295 1.23%
Perpetual Corporate Trust Ltd 7,500,000 1.12%
Manyata Holdings Pty Limited 5,550,000 0.83%
J P Morgan Nominees Australia Pty Limited 4,332,921 0.65%
Mr Ronald James Lambert 3,941,494 0.59%

Shareholder Distribution

As reported in the most recent Annual Report.

Holding Size 1 - 1,000 1,001 - 5,000 5,001 - 10,000 10,001 - 100,000 100,001+ Total
No. of Shareholders 294 387 239 450 216 1,586

Substantial Shareholders

A substantial shareholder is a person or entity that owns 5% or more of the voting shares in a company. Shares can be held through multiple entities, so the Substantial Shareholders list differs from the Top 20 Shareholders list.

Shareholding changes less than 1% do not require notification to the market. When all “Last Notice” dates are identical, it suggests that no (or minimal) change has occurred since the most recent Annual Report.

Name Last Notice Total Shares Shares Held (%)
CCP BldCo Pty Ltd 06/08/2021 399,543,860 59.69
Perpetual Corporate Trust Limited 06/08/2021 74,450,844 11.12
Sony Life Insurance Co Ltd 06/08/2021 101,254,639 15.13

Shareholders Buying

12 month transaction history compiled from ASX announcements.

Date Name Bought Previous % New %
13-11-20 CCP BldCo Pty Ltd 5,050,000 58.26 59.42

Shareholders Selling

12 month transaction history compiled from ASX announcements.

No sell transactions reported by Substantial Shareholders in the past 12 months.

Historical Data

Share Price History

Date Close Change %Chg Open High Low Volume Turnover

Historical Data

Year Closing Price Last Trade
2020 $0.27 30 June
2019 $0.66 28 June
2018 $1.16 29 June
2017 $1.45 28 June
2016 $0.95 28 June
2015 $0.95 30 June
2014 $0.80 30 June
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