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AFT Pharmaceuticals Limited (AFP) is a growing multinational pharmaceutical company that develops, markets and distributes a broad portfolio of pharmaceutical products across a wide range of therapeutic categories which are distributed across all major pharmaceutical distribution channels: over-the-counter (OTC), prescription and hospital.

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2024 YTD
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vs Sector (1yr) -16.67%
vs ASX 200 (1yr) -28.11%


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ASX Rank 651 of 2,387
Sector Rank 42 of 227

Key Fundamentals

Shares Issued
Sector Healthcare
Similar Companies RAC / HLA / CAJ
EPS $0.104
DPS $0.0069
Book Value Per Share $0.264

Broker Consensus

AFP is not covered by a major broker, or data from most recent compilation was omitted due to not meeting QA guidelines.


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Corporate Overview

Corporate Details

Head Office Auckland New Zealand 0622
Registry Computershare
Auditor Deloitte
Date Listed 22 Dec 2015

Upcoming Calendar (Forecasted)

Date Event
20/05/2024 Report (Prelim)
20/05/2024 Report (Annual)
21/11/2024 Report (Interim)

Former Company Names

  • Aft Pharmaceuticals Ltd has no former company names.

Dividend History

DPS and Yield calculations use the Pay Date.

Ex-Date Amount Franking Gross Type Payable
16/06/2023 $0.0069 0% $0.0069 Final 04/07/2023

See Upcoming Dividends for all ASX companies.

Key Data
DPS(TTM) $0.0069
Gross DPS(TTM) $0.0069
Dividend yield
Gross yield
Payout Ratio 11%
DRP Features --

Directors & Management



Director Transactions

AFP directors must report any change in shareholding to the ASX within 5 business days.

See Director Transactions for all ASX companies.

Date Director Type Amount Price Value Notes
07/08/20 Hartley Atkinson Issued 137,826 $2.74 $377,643 Issue of securities
07/08/20 Hartley Atkinson Issued 730,000 $4.15 $3,029,500 Conversion of securities
07/08/20 Hartley Atkinson Exercise 730,000 $4.15 $3,029,500 Conversion of securities
02/07/20 Jon Lamb Buy +13,333 $3.75 $49,998 Participation in share purchase plan
02/07/20 David Flacks Buy +13,333 $3.75 $49,998 Participation in share purchase plan
29/06/20 Jon Lamb Buy +12,000 $3.85 $46,200 On-market trade
26/06/20 Jon Lamb Buy +2,684 $3.85 $10,333 On-market trade
25/06/20 Jon Lamb Buy +12,105 $3.85 $46,604 On-market trade
15/06/20 David Flacks Buy +20,000 $3.87 $77,329 On-market trade
16/06/17 David Flacks Issued 6,667 $2.25 $15,001 Participation in share purchase plan
16/06/17 John Wilson Issued 6,667 $2.25 $15,001 Participation in share purchase plan
16/06/17 Jon Lamb Issued 6,667 $2.25 $15,001 Participation in share purchase plan
15/06/17 David Flacks Buy +25,000 $2.30 $57,500 On-market trade

Director Interests

The current holdings of AFP directors.

Director Last Notice Direct Shares Indirect Shares Options Convertibles
Hartley Atkinson 31/03/2023 72,899,435 N/A N/A N/A
David Flacks 31/03/2023 178,764 N/A N/A N/A
John Wilson 16/06/2017 N/A 56,689 N/A N/A
Ted Witek N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Anita Baldauf N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Marree Atkinson N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Andrew Lane N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

Shareholder Info

Top 20 Shareholders

Data supplied by Morningstar and accurate on Apr 30, 2023.

It's not possible to publish a real-time Top 20 Shareholder list. Companies are not obliged to report this data (with the exception of Substantial Shareholders above 5%). If a company chooses to publish the data, it's usually once a year in their Annual Report.

All data is manually compiled so there might be a delay between the Annual Report being published and the data appearing on Market Index (<7 days for ASX 300 and up to 30 days for micro-caps).

Name Shares Capital
Hartley Atkinson & Colin Mckay 72,031,609 68.69%
Accident Compensation Corporation 4,855,056 4.63%
MMC Limited 2,900,650 2.77%
Forsyth Barr Custodians Limited (i) 2,754,417 2.63%
FNZ Custodians Limited (i) 2,611,622 2.49%
BNP Paribas Nominees (Nz) Limited (i) 1,921,635 1.83%
HSBC Nominees A/C 1,694,603 1.62%
BNP Paribas Nominees (Nz) Limited 1,099,553 1.05%
Hama Holdings Limited 867,826 0.83%
New Zealand Depository Nominee Limited 664,489 0.63%
Public Trust - Nzcsd 571,027 0.54%
Custodial Services Limited 389,920 0.37%
FNZ Custodians Limited (ii) 309,301 0.29%
JP Morgan Nominees Australia Limited 300,000 0.29%
Jbwere (Nz) Nominees Limited 258,000 0.25%
Forsyth Barr Custodians Limited (ii) 233,900 0.22%
Rivers One Limited 221,305 0.21%
Hamish Stewart Atkinson & Karen Winifred Atkinson & Andrew John Marriott 203,333 0.19%
Joeri Yvonne Jozef Sels 203,025 0.19%
BNP Paribas Nominees (Nz) Limited (ii) 174,659 0.17%

Shareholder Distribution

As reported in the most recent Annual Report.

The most recent Annual Report didn't contain Shareholder Distribution data.

Substantial Shareholders

A substantial shareholder is a person or entity that owns 5% or more of the voting shares in a company. Shares can be held through multiple entities, so the Substantial Shareholders list differs from the Top 20 Shareholders list.

Shareholding changes less than 1% do not require notification to the market. When all “Last Notice” dates are identical, it suggests that no (or minimal) change has occurred since the most recent Annual Report.

Note: If a substantial shareholder's stake drops below 5%, the "Shareholders Selling" field shows full ownership as sold and sets "New %" to zero, even if they continue to hold shares under the limit.

Name Last Notice Total Shares Shares Held (%)
Hartley Campbell Atkinson 31/03/2023 722,899,435 69.51
Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) 14/05/2024 6,341,397 6.05

Shareholders Buying

12 month transaction history compiled from ASX announcements.

Date Name Bought Previous % New %
14-05-24 Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) 6,341,397 -- 6.05

Shareholders Selling

12 month transaction history compiled from ASX announcements.

No sell transactions reported by Substantial Shareholders in the past 12 months.

Historical Data

Share Price History

Date Close Change %Chg Open High Low Volume Turnover

Historical Data

Year Closing Price Last Trade
2023 $3.40 30 June
2022 $3.35 30 June
2021 $4.20 30 June
2020 $3.60 30 June
2019 $2.91 28 June
2018 $2.00 29 June
2017 $2.18 28 June
2016 $2.90 28 June
AFP Historical Price Data (CSV)
Up to 20 years of EOD share price history

Important note:

All year-end and CSV data is "as traded on the day" and ignores corporate actions (e.g. share splits)

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