Understanding the dynamics of graphite pricing: Phil Hoskins from Evolution Energy Minerals

Fri 30 Sep 22, 8:16pm (AEST)


  • Graphite has entered a supply deficit, according to Hoskins.
  • With most graphite coming from China, USA and European consumers are eager for supply from Western countries.
  • Hoskins describes the company’s resource as “a global scale resource, capable of a multi-decade mine life.”

0:17 - Can you tell us about Evolution Energy Minerals?

0:52 - And how does the company stand out from its competitors?

1:36 - Why is graphite pricing hard to find?

2:43 - What’s your short and long-term take on graphite prices?

3:51 - Can you explain some key graphite terms to us?

5:15 - What is the use-case and market pricing for this spherical graphite?

6:29 - Do you expect a supply-side response to the current deficit?

7:22 - Does this deficit make offtake partners and project financing easier?

8:07 - What’s on the cards for you moving forward?

9:30 - Where do you see the company in five years?

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Fri 30 Sep 22, 8:16pm (AEST)

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