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Political wrangling creates potential upside for this Australian gas and hydrogen explorer

Thu 27 Apr 23, 8:45am (AEDT)


  • Australian Government involvement via Safeguard Mechanism could benefit Elixir Energy
  • Gas suppliers who can meet market demands are increasingly favoured
  • Location of reserves just one of a few ways investors should weight potential investment opportunities

1:30 How Elixir distinguishes itself from competitors

2:35 What Federal Government’s Safeguard Mechanism means for energy sector

3:30 The impact of policy and political developments

4:55 What investors should watch for when assessing oil and gas companies

7’00 The Grandis Gas Project: “Building blocks are in place”

8:40 An ASX energy Mongolian pioneer via coal-seam gas operations

10:00 Hydrogen deals nearing next crucial phase

11:00 Sinopec’s hydrogen ambitions reflect scale of opportunity.

The worlds of finance and politics are inextricably linked. In Australia, we’re seeing this through the government inquiry into the Reserve Bank. Offshore, policymakers played a key role in the saga of SVB in the US and Credit Suisse in Europe – just as they did during the GFC.

On home shores, the energy sector has long been a political flashpoint. This was acknowledged in the recent chat between Market Index and Neil Young, CEO of natural gas and hydrogen exploration and development company Elixir Energy (ASX: EXR).

Discussing what he terms “the usual mix of policy and politics,” Young explained what the looming changes to the Federal Government’s Safeguard Mechanism means for his company and the industry more broadly.

“The gas industry is not politically powerful, it doesn’t employ a lot of people on that front, so it can be easily demonised,” said Young.

As well as delving into some of the issues from both sides of the debate, Young discussed the attributes of its natural gas projects in Queensland, Australia. He also explored its ground-breaking hydrogen venture in Mongolia, which is inspiring more ASX-listed energy companies to launch operations in the country wedged between Russia and China.

For investors, Young discussed some ways investors should think about ASX-listed oil and gas companies. He also provided insights on the potential outlook for Elixir, including its Daydream-2 gas project in Queensland, and Mongolian coal-seam gas project. These included his views on the potential commercialisation of the resources and anticipated future supply deals.

DISCLAIMER: Market Index helps small-cap ASX listed companies connect with Australian investors through clear and concise articles on key developments. Elixir Energy Ltd was a client at the time of publishing. All coverage contains factual information only and should not be interpreted as an opinion or financial advice. Consider consulting a qualified financial adviser before making an investment decision.

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Thu 27 Apr 23, 8:45am (AEDT)

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