Lindian Resources hits high grade rare earths at Malawi Kangankunde project, 3 rigs enroute

Thu 05 Jan 23, 11:41am (AEST)
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Key Points

  • Lindan Resources has hit high grade rare earths close to surface at its Africa-based REE project
  • The company has 3 drill rigs enroute to kick off 2023 drilling this month
  • Mineralisation does not coincide with radioactive elements, meaning future offtake could be shipped free from high-level red tape

Lindian Resources (ASX:LIN) on Thursday announced its latest batch of Rare Earth Element (REE) assays from its Malawi-based Kangankunde project with pockets of unusually high concentrations reported. 

Total Rare Earth Oxide (TREO) grades for a 1m long section of core between 12-13m depth turned over a result of 11.8%, which firmly establishes that sample in the realm of high-grade REEs. 

For context, many REE explorers on the Australian bourse often report TREO grades under 5%. 

Also worth noting is that a further six samples are due back to the company in the coming weeks and months.

With that said, investors would be wise to note that 11.8% result only comes from a one metre section. 

What about thicker sections?

Wider samples included the following grades: 

  • 12m @ 4.2% TREO from surface

  • 25m @ 3.0% TREO from 34m depth

  • 20m @ 3.9% TREO from 64m depth 

  • 08m @ 3.8% TREO from 102m depth 

Two drill holes were sunk on-site and the company notes drills terminated in mineralised zones on both counts. Both holes will be extended further downhole.

That extension program will take place this month, as the company has no less than 3 drill rigs set to come in.

“These first assay results are absolutely outstanding in terms of grade, distribution and continuity, and with a steady stream of assays to follow, we are confident”, Lindan Resources chief Alistair Stephens said. 

“Added to this is the non-radioactivity of the Kangankunde rare earths mineralisation - a highly unique and extremely commercially advantageous characteristic.”

“With the potential for concentrates from Kangankunde to be shipped anywhere in the world, free of Class 7 restrictions…the significance cannot be understated.” 

Radioactivity considerations 

The company’s geotechs note the mineralisation is non-radioactive, which is unusual for an REE play, but highly desirable for an upstream (and downstream) operational perspective.

In particular, the company highlights “very low” mineralisation of uranium.

A lot of REE mineralisation in Australia is coincident with elements like uranium, thorium and monazite, which are radioactive. 

As something of a fun fact, due to this, Australia’s nuclear regulator, the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO), is tasked with conducting all REE assay work in the country. 

A look at Lindian's six month charts
A look at Lindian's six month charts


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