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UUL's Principal Activity is the property development.

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ASX Rank 1580 of 2,564
Sector Rank 67 of 88

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Sector Real Estate
Similar Companies TIA / MPX / AU1
EPS -$0.009
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NTA per share $0.11

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Company Overview

Ultima United Limited (UUL) engages in property development activities in Australia, currently has 3 projects, Como development, Cannington development and Bentley Development. Ultima United Limited is based in South Perth, Australia.

Incorporation Details

Incorporated United Uranium was incorporated on 13th February 2007 as a limited company.

Corporate Details

Head Office Como WA 6152
Website www.ultimaunited.com/
Registry Advanced Share Registry
Auditor Moore Australia Audit (WA)
Date Listed 1 Jun 2007

Upcoming Calendar

Date Event
30/08/2021 Report (Prelim)
30/08/2021 Report (Annual)
29/10/2021 Report (Quarterly)
28/01/2022 Report (Quarterly)

Dividend History

Ex-Date Amount Franking Gross Type Payable
No dividends paid.

See Upcoming Dividends for all ASX companies.

Directors & Management

Directors & Management

Name Title Since Bio
Mr Yew Seng Lo Non-Executive Director Sep 2020 Director Bio icon

Mr Yew Seng Lo

Non-Executive Director

Mr Lo is founder and director of Capella Capital and Capella Management (the Capella Group), providing advisory and international venture capital funding. Testament to his expertise, Mr Lo sits on the board of multiple companies. These include Jack Speed Ltd (2010 - 2017) and Ban Leong Technologies Ltd (2015 - Present), both of which are public listed companies on the main board of the Singapore Stock Exchange. Mr Lo is also currently a non-executive director of CWT Pte Ltd, a company in cross industry logistic services. CWT is now backed and owned by CWT International, a listed entity on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Mr Lo also has gained experience and knowledge by chairing the audit committee in Ban Leong Technologies. Prior to these appointments and the founding of the Capella group, Mr Lo worked in a number of positions in AXIS Communications, a Swedish listed MNC.

Mr Jonathan Cheng Executive Chairman,Managing Director Jun 2020 Director Bio icon

Mr Jonathan Cheng

Executive Chairman,Managing Director

Mr Cheng experience spans two decades in starting up new enterprises with the last 15 years spent on private equity. Mr Cheng sits on multiple boards, across various industries.

Mr Victor (Yew Thai) Goh Joint Company Secretary Feb 2019
Mr Piers Richard Lewis Company Secretary,Non-Executive Director Jan 2015 Director Bio icon

Mr Piers Richard Lewis

Company Secretary,Non-Executive Director

Mr Lewis is an experienced executive, board director and team leader, with background in the resources, banking and technology sectors. In 2011 Piers founded Smallcap Corporate, a corporate advisory services company. Piers currently serves as chairman of Cycliq Group Limited and Lustrum Minerals Limited, and is company secretary for Grange Resources.

Mr Eric Kong Executive Director May 2008 Director Bio icon

Mr Eric Kong

Executive Director

Mr Kong has corporate experience with Fortune 500 companies. He served in Solectron's supply chain management division where he often worked with top tier clients that include IBM, Cisco, Sun Microsystems and Lucent Technologies. He then served as Asia Pacific regional accounts manager for Molex; being responsible for business strategy, development and growth in the electronics contract manufacturing industry. He is the founder and former director of Altis West. Mr Kong is an experienced manager with knowledge of global business models, trends and experience in both eastern and western management styles.

Director Transactions

UUL directors must report any change in shareholding to the ASX within 5 business days.

See Director Transactions for all ASX companies.

Date Director Type Amount Price Value Notes
11/02/21 Jonathan Cheng Buy +100,000 $0.555 $55,514 On-market trade
08/02/21 Jonathan Cheng Buy +400,000 $0.52 $208,110 On-market trade
12/08/20 Li Yi Sell +130,059 $0.14 ($18,208) On-market trade
11/08/20 Li Yi Sell +200,000 $0.14 ($28,000) On-market trade
10/08/20 Li Yi Sell +40,000 $0.143 ($5,700) On-market trade
07/08/20 Li Yi Sell +30,000 $0.145 ($4,350) On-market trade
07/08/20 Jonathan Cheng Buy +100,000 $0.147 $14,673 On-market trade

Director Interests

The current holdings of UUL directors.

Director Last Notice Direct Shares Indirect Shares Options Convertibles
Jonathan Cheng 11/02/2021 1,300,000 N/A N/A N/A
Yew Seng Lo 14/09/2020 0 N/A N/A N/A
Piers Lewis 20/07/2020 0 N/A N/A N/A
Eric Kong 30/06/2020 35,775 N/A N/A N/A

Shareholder Info

Top 20 Shareholders About the Data

Data supplied by Morningstar and accurate on Aug 18, 2020.

It's not possible to publish a real-time Top 20 Shareholder list. Companies are not obliged to report this data (with the exception of Substantial Shareholders above 5%). If a company chooses to publish the data, it's usually once a year in their Annual Report.

All data is manually compiled so there might be a delay between the Annual Report being published and the data appearing on Market Index (<7 days for ASX 300 and up to 30 days for micro-caps).

Name Shares Capital
Infinity Capital Group Australian Development Pty Ltd 4,483,690 15.29%
Hd Mining & Investment Pty Ltd 2,520,000 8.59%
Mr Cheng Rong Wang 2,029,725 6.92%
Mr Li Yi 1,895,000 6.46%
Hsbc Custody Nominees (Australia) Limited 1,621,694 5.53%
Xibo Ma 1,503,000 5.13%
Ms Agatha Hoi Ping Yau 1,354,035 4.62%
Mr Chau Ming Tuen 1,050,000 3.58%
Mr Hing Tong Tsui 822,583 2.80%
Mr Qiang Cai 765,019 2.61%
Mr Yongyi Du 765,019 2.61%
Ms Mabel Elizabeth Kah Muay Lim 740,000 2.52%
Mr Jonathan Cheng 700,000 2.39%
Mr Lanchun Wu 553,500 1.89%
Ms Angelina Chermaine Ng 550,000 1.88%
Ms Chit Pau 510,000 1.74%
Mrs Xiu Zhen Liu 480,017 1.64%
Date Er Investment Pty Ltd 358,888 1.22%
Ms Sze Wei Ng 300,000 1.02%
Ms Sook Boon Jessica Loh 292,500 1.00%

Shareholder Distribution

As reported in the most recent Annual Report.

Holding Size 1 - 1,000 1,001 - 5,000 5,001 - 10,000 10,001 - 100,000 100,001+ Total
No. of Shareholders 51 228 56 104 32 471

Substantial Shareholders

A substantial shareholder is a person or entity that owns 5% or more of the voting shares in a company. Shares can be held through multiple entities, so the Substantial Shareholders list differs from the Top 20 Shareholders list.

Shareholding changes less than 1% do not require notification to the market. When all “Last Notice” dates are identical, it suggests that no (or minimal) change has occurred since the most recent Annual Report.

Name Last Notice Total Shares Shares Held (%)
Xibo Ma 18/08/2020 1,503,000 5.13
Infinity Capital Group Australia Development P/L 18/08/2020 4,483,690 15.29
Cheng, Rong Wang 18/08/2020 2,029,725 6.92
Li Yi 18/08/2020 1,895,000 6.46
HSBC Custody Nominees (Australia) Limited 18/08/2020 1,621,694 5.53
HD Mining & Investment Pty Ltd 18/08/2020 2,520,000 8.59

Shareholders Buying

12 month transaction history compiled from ASX announcements.

Date Name Bought Previous % New %
24-06-20 Infinity Capital Group Australia Development P/L 4,483,690 -- 15.29

Shareholders Selling

12 month transaction history compiled from ASX announcements.

Date Name Sold Previous % New %
16-07-20 Capital H Management Pty Ltd 1,278,455 5.01 --

Historical Data

Share Price History

Date Close Change %Chg Open High Low Volume Turnover

Historical Data

Year Closing Price Last Trade
2020 $0.02 30 June
2019 $0.023 28 June
2018 $0.076 29 June
2017 $0.04 28 June
2016 $0.019 28 June
2015 $0.06 30 June
2014 $0.066 30 June
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