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NYR's Principal Activity is the development of therapeutic treatments for cardiovascular, neurological and inflammatory/autoimmune diseases, testing and optimization of novel drug candidates while building on the Company's patent portfolio.

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Company Overview

Nyrada Inc (NYR) is a preclinical stage, drug development company. The Company specialises in the development of novel small molecule drugs pertaining to the underlying pathological processes involved in cardiovascular, neurodegenerative and chronic inflammatory diseases. It focuses on areas of substantial unmet clinical need and has identified drug candidates with therapeutic and commercial potential, where few if any, effective or well-tolerated therapies exist. It currently has three wholly-owned drug programs:

Incorporation Details

No incorporation details available.

Corporate Details

Head Office Gordon NSW 2072
Website www.nyrada.com
Registry Automic Group
Auditor Nexia Sydney Audit Pty Ltd
Date Listed 16 Jan 2020

Upcoming Calendar (Forecasted)

Date Event
30/08/2021 Report (Prelim)
07/09/2021 Report (Annual)
21/02/2022 Report (Interim)

Dividend History

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No dividends paid.

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Directors & Management

Directors & Management

Name Title Since Bio
Dr Ian Edward Dixon Founder,Non-Executive Director Sep 2020 Director Bio icon

Dr Ian Edward Dixon

Founder,Non-Executive Director

Dr Dixon has more than 20 years' experience in the Australian sector. Ian is a co-inventor of the technology behind its Cholesterol Lowering Program, giving him experience in the development of PCSK9 inhibitors. Dr Dixon is also Chairman and founder of Altnia Group, a privately held Australian biotechnology incubator and life sciences R&D company. Currently Founder and Managing Director of exosome medicine company, Exopharm (ASX: EX1), Dr Dixon also serves as a part-time executive director of Medigard Ltd (ASX: MGZ). In addition, Dr Dixon co-founded Cynata Inc. - now a subsidiary of Australian listed biotechnology company, Cynata Therapeutics Ltd (ASX: CYP). Until recently he was a non-executive director of Noxopharm Ltd (ASX: NOX). Dr Dixon was a director of Cell Therapies Pty Ltd.

Mr Christopher Cox Non-Executive Director Nov 2019 Director Bio icon

Mr Christopher Cox

Non-Executive Director

Mr Cox has been a partner at Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP in New York since January 2012. Previously the Chairman of Cadwalader's Department and a Member of its Management Committee, he advises clients on a of corporate and financial matters, including mergers and acquisitions and restructurings, spin-offs, joint ventures, IP monetizations and other financing transactions. From February 2016 to March 2019, he was seconded to The Medicines Company, a biopharmaceutical company, where he served as Executive Vice President and Chief Corporate Development Officer and was in charge for business development and strategy. Prior to January 2012, he was a partner at Cahill Gordon & Reindel LLP in New York. He also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Symphony Capital Holdings, LLC, a investment holding company with interests in biotechnology, network security and entertainment. He was also a Member of the Missouri Law Review.

Mr John Alexander Moore Non-Executive Chairman,Non-Executive Director Jun 2019 Director Bio icon

Mr John Alexander Moore

Non-Executive Chairman,Non-Executive Director

Mr Moore currently serves as Chairman of Trialogics a clinical trial informatics business. He was CEO of Acorn Energy from 2006 to 2015. In 2002 he was a partner and CEO of Edson Moore Healthcare Ventures. He is a director of Scientific Industries, a producer of laboratory instruments for the life sciences industry.

Mr Ruediger Weseloh Non-Executive Director Jun 2019 Director Bio icon

Mr Ruediger Weseloh

Non-Executive Director

Mr Weseloh is a Director of Business Development at Merck KgaA, Darmstadt, Germany, where, in 14 years of doing BD, he has led it's transactions for the pharmaceutical division, doing deals across the drug development value chain in the fields of Oncology, Rheumatology, Neurodegenerative diseases, and Fertility. Before Merck KgaA, he spent 5 years as a Biotech/Pharma Equity Analyst, at Gontard & Metallbank, Frankfurt, and Sal. Oppenheim, Cologne/Frankfurt, as well as 3 years as a Postdoc at the Max-Planck-Institute for Medicine in Goettingen. He also serves on the Supervisory Board of Cytotools AG, Freiburg, Germany.

Mr Marcus Frampton Non-Executive Director Jun 2019 Director Bio icon

Mr Marcus Frampton

Non-Executive Director

Mr Frampton currently serves as the Chief Investment Officer of the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation (APFC). He manages the investment team at APFC and leads all investment decisions related to the APFC's investment portfolio within the guidelines set up by APFC's Board of Trustees. Prior, he held positions ranging from Investment Banking Analyst & Associate at Lehman Brothers (2002-2005), to equity investing at PCG Capital Partners (2005-2010), and acted as an executive of a equity-backed portfolio company at LPL Financial (2010-2012). He is also a shareholder and sits on the board of directors of Scientific Industries, Inc., a manufacturer of laboratory equipment and the owner of intellectual property related to bioprocessing systems.

Mr Peter Ashley Marks Non-Executive Director Aug 2017 Director Bio icon

Mr Peter Ashley Marks

Non-Executive Director

Mr Marks has over 30 years experience in corporate advisory, investment banking.

Mr David Franks Company Secretary N/A
Mr James Bonnar Chief Executive Officer N/A

Director Transactions

NYR directors must report any change in shareholding to the ASX within 5 business days.

See Director Transactions for all ASX companies.

Date Director Type Amount Price Value Notes
29/06/21 John Moore Issued 76,923 $0.26 $20,000 Placement
29/06/21 Peter Marks Issued 200,000 $0.26 $52,000 Placement
29/06/21 Marcus Frampton Issued 75,000 $0.26 $19,500 Placement
29/06/21 Ruediger Weseloh Issued 100,000 $0.26 $26,000 Placement
29/06/21 Ian Dixon Issued 192,308 $0.26 $50,000 Placement
29/06/21 Christopher Cox Issued 625,000 $0.26 $162,500 Placement
02/03/21 John Moore Buy +19,000 $0.35 $6,650 On-market trade
02/03/21 John Moore Buy +500 $0.204 $102 As advised by the company
23/02/21 Marcus Frampton Buy +25,000 $0.357 $8,925 On-market trade
18/01/21 Ian Dixon Issued 1,800,000 $0.40 $720,000 Director remuneration
25/11/20 John Moore Buy +32,000 $0.206 $6,600 On-market trade
24/11/20 Marcus Frampton Buy +35,000 $0.21 $7,350 On-market trade
10/09/20 John Moore Buy +32,500 $0.21 $6,825 On-market trade
23/04/20 John Moore Buy +35,000 $0.168 $5,882 On-market trade

Director Interests

The current holdings of NYR directors.

Director Last Notice Direct Shares Indirect Shares Options Convertibles
Marcus Frampton 29/06/2021 245,075 N/A 1,800,000 N/A
Christopher Cox 29/06/2021 N/A 1,425,000 1,800,000 N/A
Ruediger Weseloh 29/06/2021 100,000 N/A 1,800,000 N/A
John Moore 29/06/2021 358,423 N/A 3,600,000 N/A
Ian Dixon 29/06/2021 N/A 10,114,033 1,800,000 N/A
Peter Marks 29/06/2021 N/A 250,000 2,600,000 N/A

Shareholder Info

Top 20 Shareholders About the Data

Data supplied by Morningstar and accurate on Aug 24, 2020.

It's not possible to publish a real-time Top 20 Shareholder list. Companies are not obliged to report this data (with the exception of Substantial Shareholders above 5%). If a company chooses to publish the data, it's usually once a year in their Annual Report.

All data is manually compiled so there might be a delay between the Annual Report being published and the data appearing on Market Index (<7 days for ASX 300 and up to 30 days for micro-caps).

Name Shares Capital
Noxopharm Limited 33,373,245 30.51%
Altnia Holding Pty Ltd <I Dixon Family A/C> 9,921,725 9.07%
Goodridge Nominees Pty Ltd <The Goodridge Family A/C> 4,600,000 4.21%
Goodridge Foundation Pty Ltd <The Goodridge Foundation A/C> 3,450,000 3.15%
Colin Housely & Freda Housely <Cm Housley & Fv Housley Fam> 1,863,725 1.70%
Sunset Capital Management Pty Ltd <Sunset Superfund A/C> 1,500,000 1.37%
Kohen Enterprises Pty Ltd 1,335,000 1.22%
John W King Nominees Pty Ltd 1,242,483 1.14%
Goodridge Nominees Pty Ltd <The Goodridge Family A/C> i 1,212,416 1.11%
Goodridge Foundation Pty Ltd <Goodridge Foundation A/C> 1,212,416 1.11%
Rhlc Pty Limited <Rhlc S/F A/C> 1,000,000 0.91%
Mr Michael Francis Mcmahon & Mrs Susan Lesley Mcmahon <Mcmahon Super Fund A/C> 885,000 0.81%
Mr Graham Arthur Robinson 878,888 0.80%
Symphony Capital Holdings Llc 800,000 0.73%
Mr Anthony John Locantro 644,000 0.59%
Lawsam Pty Ltd 621,241 0.57%
Baywick Pty Ltd <Retail Discretionary A/C> 621,241 0.57%
Mr John Gardner 500,000 0.46%
Phytose Corporation Pty Limited <Boundaryone S/F A/C> 466,551 0.43%
Mr John Sellers 448,496 0.41%
Carda Pty Ltd <Carda Super Fund A/C> 405,000 0.37%
J P Morgan Nominees Australia Pty Limited 360,500 0.33%

Shareholder Distribution

As reported in the most recent Annual Report.

Holding Size 1 - 1,000 1,001 - 5,000 5,001 - 10,000 10,001 - 100,000 100,001+ Total
No. of Shareholders 10 212 162 544 107 1,035

Substantial Shareholders

A substantial shareholder is a person or entity that owns 5% or more of the voting shares in a company. Shares can be held through multiple entities, so the Substantial Shareholders list differs from the Top 20 Shareholders list.

Shareholding changes less than 1% do not require notification to the market. When all “Last Notice” dates are identical, it suggests that no (or minimal) change has occurred since the most recent Annual Report.

Name Last Notice Total Shares Shares Held (%)
Altnia Holdings Pty Ltd 29/06/2021 10,114,033 6.48
Noxopharm Limited 29/06/2021 33,373,245 21.39

Shareholders Buying

12 month transaction history compiled from ASX announcements.

Date Name Bought Previous % New %
29-06-21 Altnia Holdings Pty Ltd 192,308 7.16 6.48

Shareholders Selling

12 month transaction history compiled from ASX announcements.

Date Name Sold Previous % New %
30-03-21 Eleanore Goodridge 5,974,832 5.39 --
24-03-21 Eleanore Goodridge 1,050,000 6.42 5.39
04-01-21 Eleanore Goodridge 2,110,000 8.34 6.42
07-12-20 Eleanore Goodridge 1,340,000 9.58 8.34

Historical Data

Share Price History

Date Close Change %Chg Open High Low Volume Turnover

Historical Data

Year Closing Price Last Trade
2020 $0.175 30 June
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