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KTG's Principal Activity is the transformative, industry welding technology that is changing the economics of fabrication with its proprietary high-speed precision welding technology.

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Corporate Overview

K-TIG Limited (KTG, formerly Serpentine Technologies Limited) is a transformative, industry disrupting welding technology company. It holds the 'Design Campus' business, which is a database of professional designers and an online education platform. Its platform Design Campus enables members to subscribe to design courses that feature relevant training content, including courses accredited by both the Interior Design Continuing Education Council and the Architects Institute of America.

Incorporation Details

No incorporation details available.

Corporate Details

Head Office West Perth WA 6005
Website www.k-tig.com
Registry Automic Group
Auditor BDO Audit (SA) Pty Ltd
Date Listed 1 Nov 2012

Upcoming Calendar (Forecasted)

Date Event
30/08/2022 Report (Prelim)
30/08/2022 Report (Annual)
27/02/2023 Report (Interim)

Dividend History

DPS and Yield calculations use the Pay Date.

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No dividends paid.

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Directors & Management

Directors & Management

Name Title Since Bio
Mr Darryl Gregor Abotomey Non-Executive Director Apr 2022

Mr Darryl Gregor Abotomey

Non-Executive Director

Mr Abotomey has over 30 years of executive leadership and financial experience having held Board and executive leadership roles across manufacturing, global paper and packaging distribution and automotive aftermarket industries. Darryl also has experience across a range of businesses both domestically and internationally. Mr Abotomey was most recently Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Bapcor Limited, Asia Pacific's provider of vehicle parts, accessories, equipment, service and solutions. Prior to joining Bapcor Limited, Mr Abotomey held various roles across a number of businesses including as CFO of Sunclipse Inc, a subsidiary of Amcor based in the USA and also held roles of regional and group general manager at Amcor Fibre Packaging and Amcor Printing Papers Group in Australia, where he was involved in the international trade, including logistics and supply chain. Mr Abotomey also gained experience in strategy, business restructuring, information technology and product launching. From 2000, Mr Abotomey served as a Board Director and CFO of Paperlinx Limited, where he led the due diligence, funding and settlement negotiations for international acquisitions and transitioned the business involving multi-country legal, financial, statutory, business culture, cultural, tax and insurance issues. Between 2006 and 2010, Mr Abotomey served as CFO/COO and Director of the Board of Exego Group Pty Limited (Repco) as well as being an independent director of CPI Group Ltd.

Mr David Acton Non-Executive Director Dec 2021

Mr David Acton

Non-Executive Director

Mr Acton has international equity capital markets experience with relationships with institutional investors both in Australia and internationally. Mr Acton has been a Senior Advisor at Rothschild Australia with a focus on Equity capital markets since 2017. Prior to 2017, Mr Acton spent 25 years at global investment banks with roles in equity research, distribution and capital markets. Between 2000 and 2016, Mr Acton worked at Goldman Sachs in New York, Singapore and Sydney as an equity specialist advising institutional investors. From 2006 to 2016 Mr Acton was a partner at Goldman Sachs JBWere and a Managing Director at Goldman Sachs where he held board and risk committee roles.

Ms Trish White Non-Executive Director Dec 2021

Ms Trish White

Non-Executive Director

Ms White is a professional director and advisor who brings board-level experience in strategy, business development, project and risk management, acquisition and integration, and corporate governance. Ms White has skills and capabilities formed over a career which spanned roles in broadcasting and defence, national infrastructure projects, senior cabinet minister, senior executive and non-executive directorships. Ms White is currently Non-Executive Chair of Building Communities Vic Ltd, Non-Executive Director of Flinders Port Holdings Pty Ltd, Non-Executive Director of National Rail Safety Regulator, NonExecutive Director of Engineers Australia (formerly Chair and National President) and is a Member of the Executive Council of Ai Group's Industry 4.0 Advanced Manufacturing Forum. Ms White was previously a Non-Executive Director of Australia Post and a former senior cabinet minister in the South Australian Government with portfolios of Transport and Infrastructure, Urban Development and Planning, Science and Information Economy and Education.

Mr Anthony Duncan McIntosh Non-Executive Director Jun 2020

Mr Anthony Duncan McIntosh

Non-Executive Director

Mr McIntosh has experience in investment marketing, investor relations and strategic planning, with a focus on small caps, as well as a strong and well established network of stockbroking and investment fund managers. Mr McIntosh currently runs Adorina, the McIntosh family investment company, sits on the board of Alice Queen Limited and various private company boards. Mr McIntosh was a Board member of Echo Resources Limited 2013-2019, which acquired by NST at the end of 2019.

Mr Adrian Smith Executive Director,Managing Director Feb 2020

Mr Adrian Smith

Executive Director,Managing Director

Mr Smith is an experienced Company Director with both large public company and private SME board experience who has gained working in a business to business companies in both Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer roles. Mr Smith has previously held the role of Managing Director of Rheinmetall Defence Australia Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of Rheinmetall AG. Rheinmetall AG, publicly listed and based in Dusseldorf, comprises Electronic Solutions, Vehicle Systems and Weapon and Ammunition divisions. Previously Mr Smith was founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sydac, a simulation and training business.

Mr Syed Basar Shueb Non-Executive Director Sep 2019

Mr Syed Basar Shueb

Non-Executive Director

Mr Shueb is the General Manager of the Pal Group of Companies and is the Chairman of Royal Falcon Mining LLC. Mr Shueb has experience in the process, manufacturing, fabrication, construction and service industries.

Ms Deborah Ho Joint Company Secretary Jan 2019
Mr Stuart John Carmichael Non-Executive Chairman,Non-Executive Director Jun 2017

Mr Stuart John Carmichael

Non-Executive Chairman,Non-Executive Director

Mr Carmichael has international corporate advisory, mergers and acquisitions, and operational experience. Mr Carmichael held various senior executive leadership positions with UGL, DTZ, AJG and KPMG Corporate Finance. Mr Carmichael has corporate and operational experience across geographies having lived and worked in the US, UK, Europe, the Middle East and Australia. Mr Carmichael's sector experience includes the construction, transportation and logistics, facilities management, corporate real estate and professional services sectors.

Mr Brett William Tucker Company Secretary Jan 2017

Director Transactions

KTG directors must report any change in shareholding to the ASX within 5 business days.

See Director Transactions for all ASX companies.

Date Director Type Amount Price Value Notes
01/11/21 Adrian Smith Issued 1,000,000 $0.365 $365,000 Director remuneration
22/12/20 Syed Basar Shueb Issued 1,500,000 $0.28 $420,000 Issue of securities
22/12/20 Anthony McIntosh Issued 600,000 $0.25 $150,000 Placement
22/12/20 Anthony McIntosh Issued 1,500,000 $0.28 $420,000 Issue of securities
22/12/20 Mark Twycross Issued 40,000 $0.25 $10,000 Placement
22/12/20 Mark Twycross Issued 1,500,000 $0.28 $420,000 Issue of securities
22/12/20 Stuart Carmichael Issued 1,500,000 $0.28 $420,000 Issue of securities
22/12/20 Adrian Smith Issued 100,000 $0.25 $25,000 Placement
30/09/19 Stuart Carmichael Issued 375,000 $0.004 $1,500 Issue of securities
30/09/19 Colm O'Brien Issued 295,000 $0.004 $1,180 Issue of securities

Director Interests

The current holdings of KTG directors.

Director Last Notice Direct Shares Indirect Shares Options Convertibles
Darryl Abotomey 04/04/2022 0 N/A N/A N/A
Trish White 01/12/2021 0 N/A N/A N/A
David Acton 01/12/2021 0 N/A N/A N/A
Adrian Smith 01/11/2021 100,000 1,000,000 180,000 N/A
Syed Basar Shueb 30/06/2021 2,528,155 N/A 180,000 N/A
Anthony McIntosh 30/06/2021 N/A 975,000 180,000 N/A
Stuart Carmichael 30/06/2021 N/A 175,438 370,000 N/A

Shareholder Info

Top 20 Shareholders

Data supplied by Morningstar and accurate on Aug 27, 2021.

It's not possible to publish a real-time Top 20 Shareholder list. Companies are not obliged to report this data (with the exception of Substantial Shareholders above 5%). If a company chooses to publish the data, it's usually once a year in their Annual Report.

All data is manually compiled so there might be a delay between the Annual Report being published and the data appearing on Market Index (<7 days for ASX 300 and up to 30 days for micro-caps).

Name Shares Capital
Hsbc Custody Nominees (Australia) LimitedA/C 2 16,825,421 13.15%
Advanced Science & Innovation Company (Asic) Llc 15,000,000 11.73%
J P Morgan Nominees Australia Pty Limited 5,767,676 4.51%
Mr Richard Smith 2,650,000 2.07%
HSBC Custody Nominees (Australia) Limited 2,365,621 1.85%
Great Plains Holding Company Pty Ltd (Great Plains Investment A/C) 2,123,299 1.66%
Swhl Investments Pty Ltd (Swhl Family A/C) 1,983,333 1.55%
Citicorp Nominees Pty Limited 1,913,689 1.50%
Mrs Lynette Anne Sharman & Mr Michael David Sharman (M & L Sharman Family A/C) 1,908,613 1.49%
Syed Basar Shueb 1,250,000 0.98%
Wigtown Pty Limited 1,250,000 0.98%
Overseas Pensions And Benefits Limited (Interretire Int Pen Plan) 1,192,883 0.93%
Martini 29 Pty Ltd 1,160,000 0.91%
Garden Enterprises Pty Ltd (The Specialty Metals Su A/C) 1,129,867 0.88%
Mainstay Holdings Pty Ltd (Waterside A/C) 1,083,334 0.85%
Shorebrook Pty Ltd 1,059,790 0.83%
Rac & Jd Brice Superannuation P/L (Brice Super Fund A/C) 1,038,258 0.81%
Sustainable Wealth Pty Ltd (Rossanne Settlement A/C) 1,008,595 0.79%
Panchek Pty Ltd (Oldfield Family A/C) 1,000,000 0.78%
Wigtown Pty Ltd 1,000,000 0.78%
Ms Belinda Helga Stewart & Mr Alexander Christopher Stewart (Blex Family A/C) 979,985 0.77%
Interdale Pty Ltd (MAPLE SUPER A/C) 975,000 0.76%

Shareholder Distribution

As reported in the most recent Annual Report.

Holding Size 1 - 1,000 1,001 - 5,000 5,001 - 10,000 10,001 - 100,000 100,001+ Total
No. of Shareholders 200 703 308 646 174 2,031

Substantial Shareholders

A substantial shareholder is a person or entity that owns 5% or more of the voting shares in a company. Shares can be held through multiple entities, so the Substantial Shareholders list differs from the Top 20 Shareholders list.

Shareholding changes less than 1% do not require notification to the market. When all “Last Notice” dates are identical, it suggests that no (or minimal) change has occurred since the most recent Annual Report.

Name Last Notice Total Shares Shares Held (%)
Advanced Science and Innovation Company LLC 27/08/2021 19,717,068 11.66
Neil Garry Le Quesne 27/08/2021 11,962,407 7.07
HSBC Custody Nominees (Australia) Limited A/C 2 27/08/2021 16,825,421 9.95
Alium Alpha Fund 24/12/2021 169,111,261 16.32

Shareholders Buying

12 month transaction history compiled from ASX announcements.

Date Name Bought Previous % New %
24-12-21 Alium Alpha Fund 143,261,460 15.29 16.32
04-10-21 Alium Alpha Fund 7,638,185 10.77 15.29
03-09-21 Alium Alpha Fund 1,856,095 9.67 10.77
18-08-21 Alium Alpha Fund 1,735,299 8.65 9.67
29-06-21 Alium Alpha Fund 1,963,366 7.58 8.65

Shareholders Selling

12 month transaction history compiled from ASX announcements.

Date Name Sold Previous % New %
18-02-22 Parkside Family SA Pty Ltd 8,981,791 5.28 --
05-01-22 Parkside Family SA Pty Ltd 109,983 5.34 5.28

Historical Data

Share Price History

Date Close Change %Chg Open High Low Volume Turnover

Historical Data

Year Closing Price Last Trade
2021 $0.42 30 June
2020 $0.185 30 June
KTG Historical Price Data (CSV)
Up to 20 years of EOD share price history
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