Instant Access from your iPad / Mobile

iPhone 5 Example of Home Icon

Add a Market Index icon to the Home screen of your iOS or Android device.

• One-click access
• Browsing is faster
• It's easy

iOS (iPhone & iPad)

Bookmark any page on



In Safari, follow the steps below.

  1. Visit a page you'd like to bookmark (e.g. the ASX 200 page)
  2. Tap the "Share" icon
  3. Tap "Add to Home Screen"
  4. Tap "Add"

How to Add an Icon to the IOS Home Screen

Android (Samsung, HTC etc.)

Bookmark any page on


Using the Stock Browser

The default Android browser is different on every version of Android.

Instructions below are a rough guide.

  1. Tap the Menu button (
    Android Menu Button V Android Menu Button V1 Android Menu Button V2
  2. Select Bookmarks
  3. Tap Add Bookmark then OK to save
  4. Press and hold the Bookmark you just saved
  5. Select Add shortcut to Home


Using the Chrome Browser

  1. Tap the Settings button
  2. Select "Add to homescreen"
  3. Tap "Add"

How to Add an icon to a Samsung Home Screen


Tablet & Phone Apps

Collection of our favourite iOS and Android apps.

Viber Icon


Visit website (Free - iOS & Android)

Free calls, text and picture messaging. There’s no need to login in as it runs in the background. Other users must also have Viber installed. Great for international phone calls but expect the connection to drop on occasions.

1Password Icon


Visit website (Free for basic version - iOS & Android)

Keep all your passwords, website logins, credit card and bank account details in one place. Encrypted and synced between all your devices and computers. The app is expensive so it’s aimed at savvy users who spend a lot of time online. To get the full experience the desktop version is $51.99.


Visit website (Free - iOS & Android)

Free text and picture and video messaging. There’s no need to login in as it runs in the background. Other users must also have WhatsApp installed. I find more people use WhatsApp than Viber.

Shazam Icon


Visit website (Free for basic version - iOS & Android)

Shazam tells you the name and artist of the song that’s playing (and it works surprisingly well even in crowded places like a coffee shop). When you hear a song you like, click the button, Shazam listens and in 3-8 seconds the app tells you the song name and artist.

Dropbox Icon


Visit website (Free - iOS & Android)

Store all your files (videos, pictures, spreadsheets, etc.) safely in the cloud and access them from any device.

Shredder Chess Icon


Visit website (iOS $4.99 / Android $7.99)

Play chess against Shredder. Chosen because of its clean and simple user interface with additional options for hardcore players.

Instant Heart Rate Icon

Instant Heart Rate

Visit website ($2.99 - iOS & Android)

Accurately take your heart rate and see the real-time PPG graph. Store your previous recordings. Sometimes difficult to measure if you have tough skin on your fingers.

City Maps2 Go Icon

City Maps 2Go Pro

Visit website (Free - iOS & Android)

No more paper maps when travelling. Save an offline map of the city you’re visiting and use your phone's inbuilt compass and GPS to guide you on the map. It doesn’t use data so there are no data roaming costs.

Star Walk HD Icon

Star Walk

Visit website (in App purchases)

Amaze your kids (and yourself). Point your iPhone at the sky and the app tells you what stars, consolations and planets you’re looking at on your screen.


iOS Only Apps

ClearTune Icon


Visit website ($3.99)

Simple and accurate instrument tuner.

Day One Icon

Day One

Visit website ($6.99)

A digital diary I sync between my iPhone, iPad and computer. Password protected and lets me add photos. In 2014, every day in January I took a new photo of something that happened and wrote a paragraph about my day. It was a wonderful New Year’s resolution.

Scanner Pro

Scanner Pro

Visit website ($3.99)

Turn your iPhone into a portable scanner, save the image as a PDF, crop and adjust brightness, then email the document from your phone. It’s been a lifesaver.

Documents 5 Icon

Documents 5

Visit website (Free)

My favourite document reader on my iPad. Syncs with Dropbox and can view PDFs, Microsoft Office files and images.



Visit website ($2.99)

A media player much better than the default Videos App. Speed up, slow down, fast-forward and add subtitles to your movies. It plays all file types including AVI, MKV, XVID, MP4 and MOV.