Why the US is racing to increase domestic uranium supply | Greg Cochran from Aurora Energy Metals

Fri 28 Oct 22, 10:34am (AEST)


  • Aurora plans to commence drilling at its Oregon acreage this week
  • The company's project has lithium sediments above uranium deposits, which provides flexibility in terms of project development
  • The Biden administration is supportive of nuclear power and is also enthusiastic for the development of small nuclear reactors, but the country currently lacks its own reliable supply of uranium feedstocks

0:24 - How has the company coped with the recent market?

1:16 - As Aurora commences drilling at Oregon, how is the mood at the office?

1:25 - Your project has lithium located above uranium – is this unique?

1:55 - How does having lithium closer to surface affect the project?

3:13 - Is your lithium capable of processing into a battery product?

4:32 - How important is supply chain security for uranium in the US?

5:54 - Does US legislation support uranium and lithium explorers?

6:39 - How is uranium processed, and can it all be done within the US?

7:49 - What’s on the cards for the company between now and Christmas?

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Fri 28 Oct 22, 10:34am (AEST)

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