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18 questions with Brendan Stats, CEO of TMK Energy

Fri 22 Jul 22, 11:20am (AEST)

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  • TMK's Gurvantes project is located only 20km from the Chinese border
  • China is the world's biggest energy market
  • Stats believes Mongolia's South Gobi region is the next must-have jurisdiction for energy players


0:12 - How long have you been a CEO?

0:20 - What did you do before this?

0:31 - Where is TMK Energy’s main project located?

0:41 - Can you describe the Gurvantes CSG project?

0:53 - What makes TMK stand out from its competitors?

1:09 - Why did TMK Energy choose the Mongolian Gobi?

1:29 - Where do you see energy trends going in Mongolia?

1:44 - And where do you see energy trends going in China?

2:04 - What is Mongolia’s political environment like for business?

2:21 - Is CSG a clean form of energy?

2:38 - Is the South Gobi the next must-have jurisdiction for energy players?

2:48 - What’s one aspect of Mongolian culture people may not know?

3:09 - What’s on the cards for Gurvantes moving forward?

3:37 - Is TMK Energy set to operate in Mongolia for the long term?

3:50 - What has local reception to the project been like?

4:08 - Has energy volatility ushered in a new normal for gas prices?

4:19 - Where do you see TMK Energy in one year?

4:31 - Where do you see TMK Energy in five years’ time?

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Fri 22 Jul 22, 11:20am (AEST)

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