Kazia finalises second phase of novel brain cancer treatment

Fri 22 Apr 22, 11:59am (AEST)
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Key Points

  • Median overall survival average of 15.7 months compared to other medications
  • Study based on sample size of 30 patients with newly diagnosed glioblastoma—a common adult brain cancer
  • High blood sugar and skin rashes were noted as non-critical side effects

Kazia Therapeutics (ASX:KZA) has finalised the second stage of its novel treatment for adult brain cancer patients, winding up a study involving 30 participants. 

Kazia’s flagship product is Paxalisib, a cancer medication created by San Francisco's Genentech. 

Paxalisib is a drug that inhibits molecules on key pathways in the brain related to the development of tumors; the product is capable of passing the blood-brain barrier. It has previously been granted approvals from the FDA and was formerly called GDC-0084. 

In previous trials, when compared to existing option Temozolomide, Paxalisib added an extra five months life expectancy to children with brain tumours suffering from untreatable brain tumours. 

Median overall survival of 15.7 months 

Median overall survival in the body of thirty patients was 15.7 months, between 11.1 months to 19.1 months observed. Temozolomide, a competitor product to Kazia’s Paxalisib ambitions, turned up a median of 12.7 months.

Each of the thirty patients took 60mg of Paxalisib daily. 

Abstract to be presented at conference, but only an abstract 

The company is in receipt of a clinical study relating to its Paxalisib trial, for which the abstract will be presented at a conference later this year. 

The company did not give details of the conference. 

Investors ought to note that the abstract of a study may not necessarily contain information resistant to the commercial ambitions of the company. 

Kazia continues to refine Paxalisib; running further trials 

Kazia continues to manage an ongoing trial for Paxalisib in the United States and Canada. 

It also expects the study to expand to Europe and China later this year, expanding the international footprint of the company, and allowing for a more representative sample of the human population in general. 

The company also notes seven other studies of paxalisib are ongoing in other forms of brain cancer beyond glioblastoma. 

As something of a fun fact; Kazia’s predecessor entity, Novogen Limited, will convert a note it received back in 2013 to certain shareholders of Triaxial Pty Ltd.

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