Greenwing hits new milestone

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Wed 22 Dec 21, 4:12pm (AEDT)
Greenwing is perched to capitalise on the rapidly growing advanced materials sector

Key Points

  • Greenwing is better positioned to service the advanced materials sector
  • Further innovative collaborations with Swinburne to follow
  • Graphene and high-end technologies have purity of 99.99wt% carbon achievable for premium feedstock

Hot on the heels of announcing the appointment of a new CEO Craig Lennon last week, Greenwing Resources (ASX: GW1) today announced confirmation that Graphmada Graphite is highly suitable to graphene and high-end technologies.

Greater clarity on the graphite producer’s new milestone captured the market’s attention with the share price up around 7.25% at the close today.

The company has been in collaboration with Swinburne University of Technology since March 2021 to develop advanced materials using both Expandable Graphite and Graphene from Graphmada premium concentrates.

Scalable & environmentally friendly

This initial collaboration focused on creating a scalable, environmentally friendly, advanced fireproof panelling product from Expandable Graphite and Graphene, with a focus on mechanical strength and fire retardation.

Key milestones with the initial collaboration include proof that Graphene and high-end technologies have: Very high purity of 99.99 wt.% carbon achievable for premium feedstock; High order crystalline structure; and High-quality graphene produced.

Research also proves Graphmada Graphite suitability with energy: Battery & Fuel Cell technology, having achievable very high purity of 99.99 wt.% carbon, with all parameters meeting leading battery anode manufacturer specifications.

Materials sector upside

Having demonstrated the production of clean, large flake concentrates – the two main constituent properties of Expandable Graphic and Graphene – the company believes it is better positioned to service the rapidly growing advanced materials sector.

Commenting on today’s announcement, Craig Lennon noted that this is a scalable, environmentally friendly production method for graphene not linked to petroleum production or other toxic methodologies.

“The board is excited as to the opportunities this presents the company and its shareholders and looks forward to further innovative and market leading results from our collaboration with Swinburne.”


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