Graphite from Evolution Energy qualifies for use in EVs and energy storage

Thu 21 Jul 22, 10:53am (AEST)
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Key Points

  • Long-term battery cycling using Evolution's graphite easily exceeds thresholds required by EV and energy storage applications
  • Cycling tests will continue through to 100 cycles (2-3 months)
  • Sufficient testing data has been obtained to kick off production qualification initiatives with battery manufacturers

Evolution Energy Minerals (ASX: EV1) has plans to supply leading EV manufacturers and energy storage companies with its new, downstream spherical graphite product.

Graphite from Evolution’s Chilalo Project in Tanzania has undergone several stages of testwork, including tests that confirmed low levels of boron and molybdenum - a prerequisite for use in advanced battery materials.

When Chilalo graphite was processed into coated spherical graphite, the product ‘significantly’ exceeded the specifications required by major EV manufacturers. 

'Exceptional' electrochemical performance

In the latest trials, the spherical graphite was tested in a battery cell for long-term cycling. In simple terms, the testwork is seeking how the battery performs after several charge and discharge cycles. Each cycle lasts for approximately one day, taking around ten hours to charge the cell and the same to discharge.

After 20 cycles, the spherical graphite delivered and maintained near-theoretical electrochemical performance at a reversible capacity level of 368 mAh/g.

To put that into context, the majority of standard-grade lithium-ion battery manufacturers accept spherical graphite for battery applications when their reversible capacity is greater than 350 mAh/g, according to Evolution.

Suitability for EVs

The hurdle for ‘super-premium’ graphite is over 360 mAh, which demonstrates suitability for EVs and environmentally responsible energy storage markets.

“The surface coated graphite grade ... meets the specifications of at least one leading electric vehicle manufacturer and at least one world-class battery technology provider for lithium-ion cells used in utility-scale energy storage,” commented Managing Director Phil Hoskins.

“We will work with these companies as intended offtake partners in the future and will be updating the market as more test data becomes available,” he added.”

More updates to follow

Cycling tests will continue through to 100 cycles, where long-term performance can be extrapolated.

Evolution said sufficient data has already been collected to commence product qualification initiatives with targeted battery manufacturers.

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