Clarity’s first US patient receives cancer scan tech

Thu 21 Apr 22, 1:46pm (AEST)
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Key Points

  • Clarity Pharmaceuticals (ASX:CU6) treats first US patient using patent COBRA tech for prostate cancer
  • Positron Emission Tomography trial to include 50 patients
  • Tests will determine efficacy of company’s COBRA product

Clarity Pharmaceuticals (ASX:CU6) has successfully commenced its "COpper-64 SAR-bisPSMA in Biochemically Recurrent prostAte cancer” imaging trial on its first US patient. The onerously worded imaging technology product Clarity refers to, simply, as "COBRA" It is the intellectual property of Clarity, and its flagship product. 

The company is running a COBRA trial in the US approved by the FDA that will ultimately incorporate up to 50 patients receiving definitive therapies for prostate cancers in Omaha, Nebraska. The facility in question is the Urology Cancer Center and GU Research Network (GURN). 

The company continues to screen and recruit patients and has recently executed a collaborative partnership with Dr. Luke Nordquist at GURN to further Clarity’s development of its copper based radioisotope products that allow for enhanced medical imaging. 

In the medical world, fluorescent compounds are injected into the body. When viewed through radioimaging devices, those fluorescent compounds highlight parts of the body or brain which may or may not be anomalous. Clarity’s copper solution is a next-generation fluorescent product.

FDA on board with the tests so far 

The US Federal Food and Drug Administration, the penultimate regulator for the sector, has advised Clarity it has remit to run its prostate diagnostic clinical programs addressing two relevant patient populations; pre-prostatectomy (including pre-definitive treatment recipients,) and, patients expected to be redeveloping cancerous growths.

Opportunity to tackle patient backlog

Dr. Nordquist with GURN (who acts as its CEO) says the technology has potential to address a backlog of patients who cannot access sufficient services of PSMA prostate cancer imaging, the benchmark standard which Clarity’s COBRA product aims to supersede. 

Imaging can be conducted between 1 and 72 hours depending on complexity, size, and patient anatomy, allowing for the rapid identification of tumors to ensure that those afflicted “spot early” any concerning growths, highlighting the benefits of Clarity’s tech.

Clarity’s share price is up 1.75% today to 58cps after skimming 62cps in morning trades. 

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