AnteoTech’s lithium battery additive tech attracts global battery players

Mon 11 Jul 22, 1:41pm (AEST)
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Key Points

  • AnteoTech’s share price is up 7.5% to 8.6c as company’s AnteoX battery additive boosts performance
  • AnteoX validated by two major private lithium-ion battery players, including Japanese player ENAX
  • ENAX finds AnteoX adds to 45% improvement in cycle life of high energy battery cells

AnteoTech (ASX:ADO) investors are likely pleased with this morning’s news that two separate lithium battery players have verified interest in the company’s flagship product.

AnteoX is, in short, an additive added to battery anode products which boosts battery performance. 

AnteoTech shares are up 7.5% heading towards mid-afternoon trade.

One week performance for the company sits at over 30%. 

Who has shown interest in AnteoX?

AnteoTech has only named one of two companies involved in the private commercial testing of its additive product, with that being Japan’s ENAX Incorporated. 

ENAX used AnteoX in its high silicon anode reference design, a model currently under development. 

ENAX found AnteoX allowed their product to boost its electrochemical performance, as well as reducing the amount of overall inactive material in the product. 

In turn, ENAX was able to fit more silicon in, leading to a higher density anode. 

Broken down, results include: 

  • 45% improvement in the cycle life of ENAX’s high energy battery 

  • -4% decrease in amount of binder added to the anode 

  • 2.1% increase in active material added to the battery 

  • 0% change in cell resistance

Further testing to follow at second private player 

ENAX was the one company named in today’s news, but AnteoTech notes a second company has also expressed interest in further testwork. 

The undisclosed player, AnteoTech notes, also found improved performance in its battery products using AnteoX as opposed to those without. 

Further tests will combine AnteoX with a combination of other anode formulations, yielding results of likely interest to both AnteoTech and the partner. 

AnteoTech energy head Manuel Wieser notes further updates are on the way. 

“Further development and validation work is to be done with both companies, [but we’re] very pleased with results to date,” Wieser said. 

“It is exciting to see independent validation of AnteoX from two respected battery companies, marking an important development milestone for AnteoTech.” 

AnteoTech's three month charts with volume data underlying. Note the large purchase made today, far right
AnteoTech's three month charts with volume data underlying. Note the large purchase made today, far right


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