Dominic Lowe

Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield | Chief Operating Officer, Executive Director, President US
Mr Lowe, Prior to joining the Company, served in numerous senior executive roles for BAA plc (a holding company for the world's largest organization of airports), focusing on UK and US business development as well as pioneering the commercial transformation of the company's flagship asset, Heathrow International Airport in London. Earlier in his career, he was Operations Service Director for World Duty Free, where he became a Founding Director of the Group's inflight business in Europe and Africa. Dominic Lowe joined Westfield in November 2007 and served for more than a decade as Global Group Director of Airports. Afterwards he became Executive Vice President and Director of the Division Design, Development & Construction US. As of June 29, 2021, he is Chief Operating Officer US and MB member. He is also Director of Annapolis REIT 1 LLC; Annapolis TRS Inc.; Broward Mall LLC; Fashion Square Service TRS, Inc.; GSP Service TRS, Inc.; Montgomery Service, Inc.; Roseville Shoppingtown LLC; Santa Anita Borrower LLC; Santa Anita GP LLC; URW America Inc.; Valencia Town Center Venture GP, LLC; VF/UTC Service, Inc.; WCL Holdings, Inc.; Westfield America G.P. II LLC; Westfield Beneficiary 1, Inc.; Westfield Beneficiary 2, Inc.; Westfield Paramus 1, Inc.; Westfield Subsidiary REIT 1, Inc.; Westfield Subsidiary REIT 2, Inc.; Westland Properties LLC; Westland Realty Beneficiary, Inc.Member of Annapolis REIT 2 LLC Annapolis REIT 3 LLC; Culver City REIT 1 LLC; Culver City REIT 2 LLC; Culver City REIT 3 LLC; Horton Plaza REIT 1 LLC; Horton Plaza REIT 2 LLC; Horton Plaza REIT 3 LLC; Mission Valley REIT 1 LLC; Mission Valley REIT 2 LLC; Mission Valley REIT 3 LLC; North County REIT 1 LLC; North County REIT 2 LLC; north county.

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  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Executive Director
  • President US
3yrs, 6mthNov 2020


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