Weebit Nano’s next-gen microchips off to US for manufacturing

Wed 29 Jun 22, 1:07pm (AEDT)
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Key Points

  • Weebit Nano’s next-gen ‘ReRAM’ microchip technology to be fabricated at US SkyWater foundry in Minnesota
  • ReRAM (Resistive Random Access Memory) allows computers to do more with less power
  • Chips can withstand high operating temperatures for ten years

Weebit Nano’s (ASX:WBT) share price is up 5% in early afternoon trades as Minnesota’s SkyWater foundry is set to manufacture demonstration models of Weebit’s next gen microchip products. 

The patent Resistive Random Access Memory (ReRam) chips will be used to further test and refine the prototype products.

SkyWater is an established technology fabricator in the US with historical links to the early computer boom. 

Milestone towards commercialisation 

SkyWater customers will be able to use the chips in software applications testing the capacity of the chips. 

Weebit Nano says its ReRAM chips allow for higher and faster operating speeds with less power input needed. 

The company also notes ReRAM chips’ ability to withstand high temperatures for up to a decade. 

As data centres grow larger and the average amount of data on a computer continues to rise, Weebit Nano is angling towards designing a sturdy microchip product that does not need specialised fans to keep cool. 

On a larger scope, the product will likely be desirable to consumers operating hardware assets in regions with high levels of sun exposure. 

How is Weebit Nano performing? 

Compared to the rest of the technology sector on a one year basis, Weebit Nano is up 68.4%.

Weebit has not been spared from sell-off season, however, one year performance is still up 30.5%. 

The company has a market cap of $391m and is ranked 34 out of 234 listed tech companies. 

Weebit's three month charts compared to the info tech index (XIJ)
Weebit's three month charts compared to the info tech index (XIJ)


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