20 questions with Colby Hauser, CEO & MD of Talon Energy

Wed 08 Jun 22, 11:30am (AEST)


  • Coal seam gas can be safer to extract than traditional natural gas, due to lower pressure
  • Many industrial customers will be reliant on natural gas long into the future
  • Hauser expects natural gas to be complementary to wind and solar energy generation

0:11 How long have you been the CEO of Talon Energy?

0:14 What did you do before Talon?

0:22 What is Talon’s main commodity?

0:26 Is gas hard to find around the world?

0:35 In layman's terms, how does gas get out of the ground and into my stovetop?

0:50 What role will gas play in a world where wind and solar are more common?

1:05 What is something most people don’t know about gas?

1:16 Why does Talon “Farm In” and “JV” on projects instead of operating them yourself?

1:35 Does Talon plan on operating its own projects in the future?

1:48 Where are your projects located?

2:04 Why the Perth Basin?

2:16 Is there a ready-made market for gas in Perth?

2:34 Why Mongolia?

2:48 What is Coal Seam Gas?

3:00 Is Coal Seam Gas safe to get out of the ground?

3:08 Tell us something we should know about Coal Seam Gas?

3:21 Gas prices have risen heavily in the last 6 months – are these prices sustainable?

3:40 Is gas here to stay as an energy source, for good?

3:52 Where do you see Talon Energy in one year?

4:04 Where do you see Talon Energy in five years’ time?

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Wed 08 Jun 22, 11:30am (AEST)

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