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19 questions with Greg Cochran, MD of Aurora Energy Metals

Tue 10 May 22, 12:10pm (AEST)

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  • Uranium will be key for helping the energy sector decarbonise
  • Many countries are set to grow their nuclear power base in coming years
  • Cochran expects lithium to continue to play a big role in the future
  • Aurora Energy Metals (ASX:1AE) is due to list on the ASX on 16th May 2022


Aurora Energy Metals (ASX:1AE) is due to list on the ASX on 16th May 2022. For a closer look you can preview their Deep Dive Profile.

0:09 How long have you been a CEO? And for Aurora?

0:27 What did you do before this?

0:42 Where is Aurora’s project located?

1:03 In 10 seconds can you describe Aurora Energy?

1:15 What makes Aurora Energy stand out from its competitors?

1:29 What is something most people don’t know about Uranium?

1:47 Is Uranium hard to find around the world?

2:16 What’s done to uranium before it goes into a reactor?

2:54 What’s something people don’t know about lithium?

3:24 What’s the process needed to get lithium into a battery?

4:05 Would you drive an EV?

4:21 Big Battery Energy Storage - passing phase, or energy transition must-have?

5:07 Where do you see the US nuclear sector going in the 2020s?

5:42 Are there countries that will grow their nuclear reactors in the coming years?

6:12 Elon Musk is talking about lithium mining - do you reckon he’s got a shot?

6:51 Is lithium here to stay for good?

7:23 What about uranium?

8:28 Where do you see Aurora in one year?

9:13 Where do you see Aurora in five years’ time?

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Tue 10 May 22, 12:10pm (AEST)

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