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Company Deep Dive

YPB has been providing brand protection and consumer engagement solutions for Businesses and Governments across all sectors and markets since 2011. The brand protection and anti-counterfeit packaging market has experienced exponential growth in the past 10 years, and is expected to be worth US$215 billion by 2027. Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, luxury goods and wine are sectors with immense growth potential in the next 10 years. YPB counts some of the largest brands in the world as clients. It has won numerous awards for innovations in the sector and have patented over 20 ground-breaking and industry-leading technologies, both in the US and internationally, including the world-first technology, MotifMicro™, that is invisible to the human eye and readable by an unmodified smartphone. Patent protected MotifMicro cannot be copied, destroyed or spoofed. YPB's proprietary tracer technologies have been used on over a billion units worldwide, and YPB continues to innovate to ensure its customers can access cutting-edge security solutions


Global smart packaging market is expected to reach $43.6 billion by 2027

Some of the world’s best known brands in the world have YPB’s technology

Won numerous awards for innovations in the sector and patented over 20 ground-breaking and industry-leading technologies

Exclusive global perpetual patent rights to world-first technology, MotifMicro™

Showcase your ASX company to 500k+ investors

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Board of Directors

John Houston

Founder, Chairman and CEO
Jun 2014 - Present

John has over 40 years’ experience in building successful Businesses across the globe. He built the US$2 billion Greenfield mobile phone company in Thailand and operated a US $350 million EBIT telecommunications company in Switzerland.

George Su

Non-executive Director
Jun 2014 - Present

George has over 30 years’ Business experience in the Asia-Pacific region and is currently the Chief Executive of Richlink, servicing ultra-high-net-worth Chinese investors. He is the former head of the Australian operations of China’s largest investment bank, CITIC Securities.

Gerard Eakin

Non-executive Director
Feb 2016 - Present

Gerard has 35 years’ experience in the portfolio management and research of Australian Equities. He is the previous head of Australian Equities at Rothschild Australia Asset Management, and has been managing Australian equity portfolios at Manifest Capital Management since 2002.

Sebastian Andre

Company Secretary
Jun 2019 - Present

Sebastian is a Chartered Company Secretary with 8 years of experience as a senior adviser at the ASX. As the company secretary of a number of ASX-listed entities, he advises boards and executives on minimising compliance risk and maximising corporate efficiency. He is a member of the Governance Institute of Australia.


MotifMicro cover image


Some brand protection solutions are most effective when highly visible – but others protect your brand against counterfeiters best when the technology remains undetected.

The MotifMicro™ technology is invisible to the human eye, and can be scanned and read by an unmodified smartphone. Patent-protected, MotifMicro™ cannot be copied, destroyed or spoofed, ensuring a brand remains protected from the factory floor right through to the hands of the consumer.

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Protecting a brand is vital in today’s fast-moving world, but understanding and engaging consumers is just as important. With the cloud-based YPB Connect Platform product packaging becomes a global billboard for a brand.

Any YPB brand protection solution can be linked to the Connect Platform. So, when consumers confirm authenticity using their smartphones, one-on-one engagement can be triggered.

Share the provenance of a product, the story of its maker, helpful tips for its use or upsell the rest of a range – anything is possible with the Connect Platform.

The Connect Platform also collects first-party consumer data, so a business can continually refine and tailor its marketing across all channels based on verified data insights.

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YPB tracer cover image

YPB Tracer

The YPB Tracer is a Nanotechnology created using a patented chemical process that can be combined with other products, such as ink, varnish, plastic, fibres and paper. Virtually indestructible and invisible to the human eye, this brand protection solution can literally be merged with a product so it is one and the same, and can be immediately verified using a YPB Scanner.

The YPB Tracer can be added at any stage of production without compromising the integrity of a product, and is resistant to extreme changes in temperature. It is also tolerant to acids, alkalis, and solvents and will survive wear, washing, deformation or corrosion.

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Key Milestones

Historical Milestones

MotifMicro™ – unique technology globally launched Q2 2021
MotifMicro™ First adopter signed in US apparel resale market
YPB Connect 2 now launched – 200 million codes issued

Future Milestones

YPB driving hard to profitability, 2021 is year for revenue growth with closely controlled cost growth.
MotifMicro2 (serialised) to launch in 2022



Capital Raises

YPB receives commitments to raise $750,000
|Feb 2021

Received firm commitments from institutional, professional and sophisticated investors to raise up to $750,000.

Raised $750,000
Offer Price $0.003
Notes One free attaching quoted option, exercisable at $0.005 per option on or before 23 February 2022, for every one share issued under the placement.
YPB receives commitments to raise $3.6m to fast track growth.
|Oct 2020

Received firm commitments from institutional, professional and sophisticated investors to raise up to $3.6 million (before costs).

Raised $3.6m
Offer Price $0.00283
Notes One free attaching option, exercisable at $0.005 per option expiring 12 months from the date of issue, for every one share issued under the placement.
YPB Group receives commitments for A$600,000.
|Dec 2019

Received commitments of A$600,000 to be completed as a private placement to sophisticated and professional investors.

Raised $600,000
Offer Price $0.006


Options Prospectus

09 Jun 2022 | Prospectus
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March Quarterly Activities Report

29 Apr 2022 | Report
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December Quarterly Activities Report

28 Jan 2022 | Report
PDF (374.4 KB)

Annual General Meeting FY 2020

26 May 2021 | Presentation
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YPB Constitution

26 May 2021 | Constitution
PDF (397.5 KB)

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