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Company Deep Dive

Security Matters has the potential to revolutionise the supply chain technology market. 

The company owns technology that can permanently 'mark' any object whether solid, liquid or gas. The molecular marking can be read using a ‘reader’ at any time throughout the supply chain.

The technology has been in use for the last 10 years on a national scale and has proven to be a reliable and scalable way to accurately verify proof of origin and ensure quality assurance for products in virtually every industry.

The marker could accelerate the global transition to a circular economy by creating a zero-waste industrial system and a sustainable supply chain.

Benefits of SMX's technology

Ability to track and trace any object whether solid, liquid or gas.

A readymade, drop-in solution to mark consumer goods like gold, natural rubber, electronics, and cotton.

Provides full visibility throughout supply chain (from raw material to final product)

Enables highly efficient recycling for a successful circular economy

Upholds supply chain integrity and provides quality assurance of products

Allows companies to guarantee the ethical sourcing of goods and products

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Board of Directors

Haggai Alon

CEO & Founder

Co-founder of Security Matters Israel with 20+ years commercializing technology, both with the Ministry of Defense in Israel and the private sector.

Everardus Hofland

Executive Chairman

Co-founder of Security Matters Israel, and previously held the position of Chairman at Arava Power Company, Israel's leading solar power company.

Jovanka Naumoska

Non-Executive Director
Jul 2018 - Present

Corporate lawyer, serving as non-executive director and company secretary for Imagion Biosystems Ltd, a cancer focused medical device company.

Kathryn Davies

Non-Executive Director
Jun 2020 - Present

Experienced executive in mining, oil and gas, technology and health. Significant experience in delivering on multi jurisdiction transactions and global capital markets.

Amir Bader

Non-Executive Director

20+ years of experience in the management of agricultural businesses in Israel and Europe. Currently managing one of Israel's largest dairy farms.

A faster path to a circular economy

Security Matters’ patent protected its technology in 2015.

It can accurately and transparently track any material throughout the supply chain and allow:

  • Companies to guarantee their products (and materials in the products) have been ethically sourced

  • Consumers to confirm the origin and authenticity of their purchases

  • Governments and businesses to recycle more efficiently by accurately identifying and grading waste


Circular economy diagram
sub-molecular, hidden marker system
STEP #1 - The Marker

The Marker is sub-molecular and hidden

The energy-based technology was originally developed by the Israeli Ministry of Defense.

It uses a permanent or erasable marker that can be applied to any type of material and chemical state (solid, liquid or gas).

They're like invisible barcodes, non-damaging, and 500,000+ distinctive molecules ensure uniqueness of each marker.


STEP #2 - The Reader

The Reader identifies markers in real-time

They're available as a hand-held device or an industrial apparatus for larger-scale applications (with conveyor belt underway).

The technique is non-destructive, and no lab testing is required.


Reader to identify chemical marks in real-time
Blockhain-enabled cloud system
STEP #3 - Secure tracking

Secure Tracking on the Blockchain

All readings throughout the supply chain are securely recorded in the cloud. This provides real-time and complete visibility from raw material to final consumer product.


Key Milestones

Historical Milestones

MOU signed with Perth Mint

Established the world’s first fully transparent mine-to-marketplace ESG gold supply chain assurance solution.

Completed pilot project with Intel

Successfully completed a proof of concept with Intel that could enable the tech giant to determine if their motherboards have been tampered with.

Signed a binding collaboration agreement with BASF SE

The partnership will enable the world’s largest chemical producer to track closed loop recycling, authenticate sustainability claims and improve sorting of plastic waste.

Collaboration agreement with Continental

Premium tire manufacturer Continental is testing the marker technology to ensure natural rubber used in their tires has been verifiably grown and sourced in a fully sustainable manner.

In the Media: Continental and Stockhead

Established partnership with luxury goods brand LVMH

Commenced an R&D project with LVMH Métiers d'Art to provide visibility over its supply chain. The program will enable efficient sorting of materials for waste or recycling throughout a product's entire life cycle. LVMH will also be able to verify meeting environmental, social and governance (ESG) ethical sources.

Developed unique IP to trade plastic waste on the stock exchange

Tokenising plastic waste is now in the phase of commercialisation. By first verifying the quality, quantity, and origin of plastic materials, then logging this data on the Blockchain, plastic credit tokens can be traded as an asset in financial markets.

In the Media: Stockhead, Ausbiz and Bloomberg

Joined the Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber (GPSNR)

The GPSNR aims to help transform the global natural rubber supply chain into a fair, equitable and environmentally sound one. The organisation seeks to reduce the environmental problems, social issues, and economic problems that the sourcing of natural rubber can cause. Joining GPSNR will further improve Security Matters' recognition in the industry as a leader in technology that can verify and authenticate ethical sourced products.

Joined 4evergreen to enhance the recyclability of fibre-based packaging

Security Matters will be able to provide a full end to end solution from seed to plant to product to recycle and reuse. 4evergreen is a cross-industry alliance to perfect the transformation of fibre-based packaging supply chains into a sustainable and circular economy through enhanced recyclability. Joining their organisation allows Security Matters to expand their network of key industry experts to develop and scale an end to end solution.

In the Media: Stockhead

Launched a Complete End-To-End ‘Plastic Circular Economy’ Digital Platform Service

Security Matters has successfully integrated its latest Generation 2.0 ‘Plastic Circular Economy Online Unit’ with its blockchain digital platform especially designed for the circular economy, which is also connected to its unique IP for the tokenisation of plastic credits to be a tradable asset on a stock exchange.

View the Press Release: 23 December 2021 (PDF)


Capital Raises

Strongly supported $3.1m placement
|Oct 2021

For ESG business development initiatives and projects, and commercialisation of its technology offering.

Raised $3.1m
Offer Price $0.30
Heavily subscribed placement
|Apr 2021

For further deployment of an industrial scale plastic circular economy solution in preparation for rapidly increasing demand, to accelerate work with SMX’s trueGold consortium and to enter the wood, forestry and cement sectors

Raised $5.15m
Offer Price $0.35


December Quarterly Activities Report

31 Jan 2022
PDF (527.5 KB)

September Quarterly Activity Report

27 Oct 2021 | Report
PDF (597.4 KB)

Investor Presentation

09 Aug 2021 | Presentation
PDF (1136.1 KB)

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