Dividend Yield Scan (17 April - 19 Results)

The dividend yield scan locates the highest yielding ASX listed stocks with the best fundamentals from the top ~150 largest companies.

After filtering for size and yield, the average analyst recommendation can be used to help identify companies with poor fundamentals. The list is not definitive; it simply provides a starting point for locating high yielding companies that may warrant further investigation.

The Scan

1.   Market capitalisation $2b<
2.   Dividend yield 5.0%<
3.   Rank by dividend yield


A high dividend yield can indicate:
•   A falling share price
•   A company with limited growth prospects
•   A once-off or special dividend


Consensus Recommendation
The average recommendation of all analysts covering the company.

DPS Growth
The forecasted average annual growth in dividends per share for the next 2 years.

Code Company Yield Price Consensus DPS Growth
NAB National Australia Bank Limited 5.17% 39.31 Hold 5.60%
ANZ Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Ltd 5.06% 36.02 Hold 5.00%
WPL Woodside Petroleum Limited 6.41% 35.48 Sell -23.10%
SUN Suncorp Group Limited 5.84% 14.18 Hold 12.70%
BOQ Bank of Queensland Limited 5.11% 13.68 Hold 8.70%
BEN Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited 5.28% 12.5 Hold 5.30%
WOR WorleyParsons Limited 7.68% 10.08 Hold -14.40%
DXS Dexus Property Group 5.11% 7.68 Buy 7.00%
IAG Insurance Australia Group Limited 6.09% 6.07 Buy -4.60%
SGP Stockland 5.25% 4.57 Buy 0.50%
HVN Harvey Norman Holdings Ltd 5.22% 4.34 Hold 12.10%
SCG Scentre Group 5.44% 3.8 Sell 3.40%
FDC Federation Centres 5.28% 3.06 Sell 7.10%
SPK Spark New Zealand Limited 5.87% 2.88 Sell 8.20%
DUE DUET Group 6.69% 2.57 Strong Sell 3.20%
NVN Novion Property Group 5.42% 2.53 Sell 1.70%
SKI Spark Infrastructure Group 5.81% 1.98 N/A N/A
FMG Fortescue Metals Group Ltd 7.04% 1.955 Hold -49.40%
AST AusNet Services 5.50% 1.52 Buy 1.20%

* Data as at the close of 16 April 2015. A high dividend yield ratio is not always indicative of a companies future earnings or yield. If income is a priority in your investment strategy then it may be prudent to wait until a companies dividend is declared and an ex-dividend date is announced.

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